Yowza Pompano 2013 Elliptical Review

Yowza Pompano 2013 Elliptical Review

With the Yowza Fitness Pompano 2013 Elliptical, training becomes extremely easy. The counter rotational movement, which is typical of a Yowza machines, makes core training a lot easier on your muscles. It gives a total workout to your abs like no other cardio training machine. The Yowza elliptical is a great machine, which allows you a complete and total body workout without causing additional stress to your muscles. The smooth motion of the foot pedals gives a continuously gliding motion, which is a lot easier on your calves.

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Yowza Pompano 2013 Elliptical Review

Key Features: The pedals of the Yowza Fitness Pompano are self-pivoting to provide the user with the utmost comfort. The console is equipped with an iPod dock, so you can groove along to your favorite beats whenever you exercise. The best thing about it is that it helps break the monotony of the exercise routine and allow you to have a great time while exercising. The console also features speakers, a 3 speed fan and built in grip. The additional features on its consoles like speakers and an iPod dock allow you to have a much more fun workout.

Another great feature of this Yowza elliptical is that it’s very easy to assemble and does not require you to waste endless hours trying to figure out about setting it up. The manual, which comes along with it explicitly, explains how the elliptical is to be assembled without any hassle at all. It also has an option of moving arms which most elliptical do not have. The benefits of moving arms are many; it helps you achieve a better core workout and allows you to do a variety of exercises, which strengthen your arms and back as well.

The Yowza elliptical has a smooth and steady movement, which allows you to pace yourself before starting anything much stronger. Though it may take a little time getting used to, once you have started you are on your way to extreme fitness with the Yowza elliptical. The 20-inch roller less reversible motion gives you a real smooth and easy workout. The reversible motion allows you to exercise those muscles, which you never even thought you had. It is pretty silent too and that’s an added bonus because a machine which makes too much noise easily distracts you from your workout but this elliptical fits the bill of silence and is a great core work out machine which also comes in your budget.

Overall, the Yowza Fitness Pompano 2013 elliptical is a great cardio workout machine and has many features, which allow you to have the kind of work out which strengthens your muscles to the core. It is not too expensive either, thus making it good value for money.

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