Yogalates: A Fusion of Two Strong Exercise Programs

It is not a completely new thing if you have yoga experience. It is one of the popular fitness programs today that combine the benefits of proper posture and breathing patterns of yoga with the precise movements of Pilates. Some consider it the perfect choice for baby boomers.

Baby boomers are those people who don’t like intense physical exercises and whatnot. They prefer to do less physically taxing programs that provide health benefits and several physical ones. The common goal of a Yogalates exercise is to help a person develop a good posture, maintain great body balance, reduce injury and improve flexibility. These goals are all solutions to problems people encounter when approaching old age. Or mature practitioners, it is still safe to do Yogalates if you experience back pain or have osteoporosis and arthritis. In fact, it helps you correct it.

Pilates and Yoga share lots of similarities such as:

  • Both exercises promote mind and body discipline.

  • Both use specific breathing techniques in order to perform the exercise properly.

  • Both have many positions and movements that look a lot like each others.

A typical Yogalates session starts with stretching and yoga poses before proceeding to the Pilates phase. One of the obvious comparisons you can make between the two is that yoga poses are held longer compared to the other. Thus, the session seemingly starts with a slow pace and gradually increases as you move on to the last phase.

A good example for this is when you start the yoga phase with Sun Salutation, The Meditation Pose, The Warrior and the Downward Facing Dog. After which Pilates movements follow with leg lifts and circles, sternum lifts and back lift. The transition between the two can be easily noticed once you know the timing for each phase. It is not common for such sessions to start out the other way around so you can expect the flow to start slow and then end fast. Of course, body cool down is a basic principle so you need not worry about such issues.

The Yogalates program is also a good weight loss exercise option. Although it is not a major fat buster, a regular 1 hour class can help you to burn 1700-2800 calories a day depending on your weight and rate of metabolism on a moderate intensity session. If you pair the exercise with a diet program, you will substantially lose several pounds a month with diligence.

If you are searching for an exercise that will provide all the benefits you can get in most exercises put together, you should choose a mind and body connection program like Yogalates. Aside from keeping you healthy, it also improves your overall appearance.

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