XTERRA FS3.5 Elliptical Review

XTERRA FS3.5 Elliptical Review

If you have made up your mind that you will get fit and lose some pounds in the coming year, let XTERRA FS 3.5 be your companion in fulfilling this resolution. This elliptical trainer from XTERRA Fitness is an affordable choice compared to other elliptical trainers carrying the same number of features. In addition to that, it focuses more on providing you what you buy an elliptical trainer for rather than costing you money for features that aren’t necessary.

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Key Features: This elliptical trainer boasts big pedals with textured insides so any foot size can be accommodated with ease and no slippage takes place during workouts. The stride length of 17-inch is the not the best of elliptical world but is still good enough. The good thing on this elliptical trainer is the number of resistance levels you get. With 24 resistance levels this elliptical trainer could give hard time to even the professional athletes. The aluminum wheel tracks provide minimum friction and noise during workouts.

It comes with a very sober looking LCD with yellow and blue backlight. The LCD is 5-inch wide and offers you program, calorie burned, speed, time, distance covered etc. readings. There are 24 programs already installed on the console so you can try out a new program almost every day of the month with weekends excluded. The good thing about the pre-installed programs is that there are 2 heart rate control programs for those who want to focus on their heart rates.

As mentioned above, this elliptical trainer is all about workouts and there is no distraction on it only to make you interested in buying this product. However, there is a good entertainment feature included on its console – the speakers. You can hear music from speakers or just connect your favorite headphones to enjoy music while working out. When you want to monitor your heart rate you can grab the static handlebars and see your heart rate reading on the display.

The most important feature of this elliptical is its moving handlebars. The long moving handlebars are perfect for those who want to use elliptical trainers for a full body workout rather than focusing only on their leg muscles. This XTERRA FS3.5 elliptical trainer also has transport wheels for allowing easy mobility from one place to another. The length of just 57-inch is perfect for people who don’t have too much space to accommodate an elliptical in their house.

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