Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Review

Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Review

When you initially decide to purchase a gaming console, comparisons between the available options is inevitable. Although the Wii took over the market as the bestselling motion-controlled console with fun games and family entertainment, the release of the PlayStation 3 Move and Xbox Kinect have given Nintendo some tough competition. However, what sets the Kinect apart is the fact that it is controller-less while the other two use controller based movement detection technology.

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Your entire body becomes the controller when the Kinect Sensor tracks your movements. Menu screens can be navigated with simple hand gestures or voice commands. This body motion sensing software is a step ahead of PS3 and Wii, but a closer look is needed to examine just how effectively and accurately this gaming console can register and mirror your actions.

Key Specs:
Size: 12 x 13 x 7.2 inches
Online Gaming: Xbox Live
Graphics: 1080p
Storage: 4GB

Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle: The Pros

Easy to Use: This bundle includes an Xbox 360 4GB console, the Kinect Sensor, a wireless controller, and the Kinect Adventure game. Setting up and using the console is very simple and the instructions are easy to follow. Navigating the menu requires simple hand gestures or voice commands, or you can also use the wireless controller.

The gaming experience on the Kinect is a lot more enhanced when you play with your whole body. You won’t need to learn how to play using controllers, and some basic practice will quickly help you learn how to move your own body to manipulate the characters on your screen. The games included in Kinect Adventures are fun and easy to play, so you can instantly play some games competently.

Fun: The Xbox Kinect undoubtedly provides hours of entertainment. Not only are the players fully absorbed in the game and their body movements, others watching the game find it equally engaging to follow the game on the screen and witness the players trying to control characters as well. Even though the games on Kinect Adventure are really fun to watch and play, bystanders may forget to follow a player’s progress and focus entirely on the body motions and efforts to control the characters on-screen. The gameplay is great for single players but also provides a chance for some entertaining time with family and friends. The games become even more interesting and engaging with more than one player as well as an audience.

Built In Wi-Fi: The console in the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle comes with built-in Wi-Fi, making it possible to directly connect with Xbox Live. You can connect with gamers around the globe for online gaming, download games and even stream movies on Netflix to your console. The Xbox 360 is useful as a multi-purpose device that can fulfill most of your networking needs, including Facebook and Twitter connectivity.

Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle: The Cons

Space Restrictions: Although the Xbox Kinect is supposed to need at least 6 feet of space to function properly according to Microsoft, this minimum distance is not exactly accurate. There are inconsistencies in performance and the Kinect does not pick up every movement. A better estimate would be to have a minimum of 8 feet of space available, while 10 feet is even better. The movements needed for control of the Kinect should not be too near the sensor so you need to put distance between your body and the console. Minimum space required needs to be more clarified for prospective buyers so that people who do not have at least 8 feet to spare do not get disappointed with their investment.

Hard Drive Space: If you previously owned the Xbox model that had a 250GB hard drive, you will find the 4GB memory restricting in the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle. One solution to this is the ability to download and save data to USB flash drives, as the Xbox can accommodate up to two 16GB drives. However, a total of 36GB may still be insufficient for people who download a lot of content such as HD movies and games.

Is the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Worth Buying?

The Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle is more of a family entertainment system, and although it is great for having a fun time, the console will not suit everyone. The controls may not be satisfactory for serious gamers, and the games included are also not meant for hardcore gaming. The Kinect is more suited for casual multiplayer games and hours of fun during parties or family time.

It is also not suitable for those who have limited space and claims by Microsoft that just 6 feet is required are misleading and need to be revised. The Kinect will not work properly in small apartments or bedrooms because it will not be able to detect all body motions.

However, if you possess sufficient space, the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle is a great bundle of fun and technologically better than other motion detecting gaming consoles that use controllers for navigation.

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