Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board Review

Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board Review

The Wii has quickly become the bestselling gaming console for multiple reasons. Not only does it appeal to casual gamers, the release of fitness games Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus have been immensely successful and popular. This claim is backed by the fact that over 40 million copies of these games have been sold. The Balance Board that comes with Wii Fit Plus is a useful tool for different weight loss and fitness exercises, which include yoga, aerobics, body balance and strength workouts.

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Wii Fit Plus improves on the previous Wii Fit version with several new games and challenging exercises. The Balance Board is helpful in tracking and monitoring your progress, as it calculates your BMI and fitness age according to your weight and body gravity center. As you perform the exercises and improve balance, the board can track your progress and improvements in your fitness level. A closer look is needed to examine the reasons behind the popularity of Wii Fit Plus exercise games together with the Balance Board.

Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board: The Pros

Fun: Wii Fit Plus contains various games that provide great entertainment with activity and let you relax from the fuss of fitness plans and strict regimens. You can have loads of fun with multiplayer and score tracking. For example each player can try to get the top score in minimum amount of time playing skiing or hula hoop games. The Balance Board also increases your level of involvement in the fitness games and keeps things interesting. You will simultaneously have fun and work your muscles during the whole duration of your simple movements. Even when you progress to some proper exercises, you will find the animations engaging and fun, and the instructions are also clear and easy to follow.

Variety: Wii Fit Plus makes itself distinguishable by offering a wide variety of fitness games and flexible workout plans. Exercise sessions can be mixed with fun fitness games to create a custom workout. This also lets you focus on any specific body parts you want to work with your exercise. These fitness games avoid becoming repetitive like most other health plans and workout DVDs.

You may discover that not every single exercise caters to your individual needs, but you can quickly find the ones that suit you and your training plan. The Wii Fit Plus is also great to use even when you do not want to exercise, as you can still stay active with the various fun and casual games that will keep you engaged.

Measuring Progress: Unlike fitness games on the other two gaming consoles, The Kinect and PlayStation 3, Wii Fit Plus coupled with the Balance Board lets you record and track your progress day to day and weekly. The game records the figures each time you measure yourself, and this feature will replace your old weighing scale and let you monitor your activity to determine whether you are improving in fitness and health or not.

Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board: The Cons

Lack of Intensity: Wii Fit Plus is mostly suitable for people who are out of shape or not used to regular exercise, and require some gentle workouts or a simple introduction to exercise so that they can ease into the habit of working out. These fitness games are not designed to cater to athletes or people who do intense training. Beginners will find the program’s low intensity encouraging with just the right amount of challenge in the form of yoga and strength training for those who lack muscle mass. If you are at an advanced level of fitness you will find the exercises easy and insufficient.

No Real Person Demonstrations: Video demonstrations for the exercises are lacking in Wii Fit Plus, especially for the tougher moves such as strength tests and stretches, and this is the major drawback in this program. A realistic animated shadow is there for guidance, but a real trainer would have been a better choice for learning proper posture and form.

Is the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board Worth Buying?

The Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board are most suited for those looking for some fun physical activity and gentle exercises. However, hardcore gamers will not find the games satisfying, and neither will athletes and fitness trainers find any high intensity workouts to perform. These two categories are better served investing their money elsewhere.

Other than that, the Wii Fit Plus is a great and entertaining way to get fit without conforming to strict fitness regimens. Furthermore, it accommodates many fitness levels and most people will find there is something for everyone. While some exercises may seem too easy, others may be too challenging for you. You can play and decide for yourself which exercises are the right type for you, or you could start with the easy ones and play your way up to the more challenging exercises. This thorough approach and flexible exercise programs make the Fit Plus a smart buy.

Last but not the least, you can add to the fun and keep yourself motivated by competing with friends to see who is the fittest or who scores the most, and in this way you can increase your determination to get the top score in every game. Barring high intensity fitness trainers, everyone will find the Wii Fit Plus worth buying as it includes some of the best fitness games available for any console these days.

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