Why Pilates Is Good For Your Posture?

Among people approaching the age of 50, many problems related to posture such as back pains and osteoporosis start to occur. This phenomenon is usually caused by continuously making a bad posture due to one side of the muscles being stronger than the other side. In a natural standing position, if your shoulders are a little forward compared to your spin, this is a sign that you are not doing the right form and the back is experiencing a lot of stress because of this.

The main emphasis of Pilates is to strengthen the core muscles in the body. These are the muscles that give you good posture such as the back and abdominal stabilizers. Once they are balanced, you can stand erect again without difficulty.

Aside from core strengthening, Pilates also provides other benefits that promote good posture such as the following:

#1 Balanced Spine Alignment

The alignment of the spine is usually influenced by the muscles surrounding it on both sides. Although it stands alone, it can be move to one side if the supporting muscle group is stronger than the opposing one. Pilates helps you strengthen both muscles groups in order to make sure that there is a balance in between. As a result, the support around the spin remains vertically aligned.

#2 Increase Posture Awareness

Once you get used to a typical posture, it is usually hard to correct it. When you do the exercise, all your movements are regulated. You will be taught to be aware of what you are constantly doing and see to it that you are performing everything the right way. Because of this, you develop a habit of keeping yourself in check. This is beneficial in the long run because you can correct your old posture habit once you do the program long enough.

#3 Clears Up Airways

One obvious benefit of having a good upright posture is that you give your respiratory system more space in the body to flex and support breathing. You can inhale and exhale a lot much better due to removal of muscle congestion in some areas near the lungs. Moreover, Pilates teaches you a specific breathing pattern for physical workouts making you more knowledgeable on the best way to breathe in a given situation.

#4 Enhance Join Flexibility

Throughout Pilates, you will be continuously flexing and stretching the muscles due to the full range of motions part of the program. By doing this, you reach muscles that are not usually moved through normal movement. This allows balanced enhancement in all muscle groups and simultaneously improves your joint flexibility by constantly supporting such movements.

Once you start the program, you will start seeing results after a few weeks. It may be little at first, but you will surely gain more confidence as your posture improves and your body start to become lean and strong. If you start getting praises on your look, it should be a sign that choosing Pilates was right for you.

Want to start a Pilates program but don’t know how? “Pilates: Back Joint Exercise” helps you choose the best path and approach for you.

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