Why Pilates Can Make You More Supple?

When we talk about being supple, it means having the ability to move easily and bend the body gracefully. It is also closely related to flexibility, only that in involves the overall state of the body. Not just the joints, but the muscles as well. Other synonyms for being supple include being lithe, acrobatic or agile. These characteristics make you think of a well-fit person with a good posture and overall balanced and healthy look.

But then the question remains unanswered, why does Pilates make a person suppler? To give you an answer, the found of the exercise program Joseph Pilates mentioned in his instructional book that it was designed to provide suppleness to the body, giving it natural grace and the skill that will be reflected in your normal actions such as the way you walk, play or work.

Pilates was created in the early 1920s for wounded soldiers’ rehabilitation purposes but it is not just an exercise routine for many. Aside from shedding fats, it also involves the mind and body overall improvement. By creating balance in breathing, moving and thinking, you learn positive self-awareness. As a result, you make more fluid actions and have a smooth flow of circulation in the body.

The improved circulation brings more nutrients to the arms, legs, head, core and shoulders and all parts of the body. Aside from supplying energy, it also delivers nutrients and mineral needed by the cells for renewal and muscle repair. Since you need healthy muscles to bend and move easily, Pilates is a sure method to make your body supple.

Developing the strength and flexibility of your core muscles also improve your environmental and social awareness. You can get this when you attend classes in a local health spa or Pilates studio as well as when you do the exercises mat-style at home.

For the sake of giving a comparison, one of the mostly associated exercises to Pilates, Yoga, also provides a lot of benefits similar to the former. However, it is highly difficult to do yoga alone is you are still a novice. It will take a lot more time compared to when you learn Pilates enough to do it at home. There are also a lot of machines used in Pilates which can help you improve at a faster rate.

Because the exercises in Pilates constantly extend your spine, you easily develop a regal stature that allows you to look more confident. This form coupled with graceful movements will undoubtedly catch people’s admirations.

If you want to be more flexible and supple, you can enjoy the mental and physical benefits of Pilates. It is easy to do and you can learn it at a studio together with people who share the same intentions as you. Moreover, once you learn the basics, you can use machines or do it at home if you want.

Not sure what to expect from Pilates or if it’s right for you? Learn about this almost 100 year old program and why it continues to grow in popularity. The Pilates Fitness Guide helps you choose the best Pilates program for your needs and goals, guides you through the basic movements, and teaches you how to get the most from your efforts.

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