Weight Vests

Weight vests are a great way to add some extra resistance to your bodyweight training workouts if you want to get more out of your exercise.

When you run while carrying something heavy, a backpack for instance, it makes your body work harder. Weight vests use the same concept to add resistance and get you fit.

As your training progresses, your body will get used to working with the additional weight, and in this way you can increase your stamina and strength.

You can start your routine with a weight vest that weighs less and gradually keep increasing it to get the best fitness results.

If your body is used to doing all the same exercises repeatedly, adding a weight vest to the equation will take your workout to a new level. You can perform pull-ups, push-ups and other moves more effectively and add more weight whenever you feel you are ready for it. There is a great adjustable weight vest by ZFOsports available in which up to 40 pounds of weight can be added.

The weight bags in this vest can be fitted into the pockets to prevent them from moving around during any type of workout, and the vest is designed to keep your movements comfortable and flexible.

The weight vest is great for wearing while running too, and is suitable for both men and women. You can increase your stamina and lose weight with the help of this.

Another option is the CROSS101, available in camouflage material. This one can also hold up to 40 pounds and is adjustable to enable you to start with lighter weights.

This vest measures 15’ by 13” in length and width and contains sand weights, which are easier to fit snugly into the pockets. It is great for power walks and running.

If you have reached the 40 pound limit of your weight vest and want to add more weight, there is another option you can consider to increase your level of resistance.

There is a 60 pound adjustable vest by ZFOsports that fits any size and will cater to your needs. This one can hold weights weighing 4 pounds instead of the usual 2 pounds you can add at a time in some vests. It is molded to fit both men and women snugly.

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