Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Review

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Review

In the market nowadays, nothing beats the Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor which is seen by users as the “all-in-one” heart strap. When compared with other heart rate monitors, the TICKR even now comes in a pocket-friendly price making it a very affordable gadget that everyone can have. The older heart rate monitor models were not compatible with Android devices that we have now which is why their only purpose was to check your heart rate from time to time. Unlike now, the TICKR Heart Rate Monitor can be synced with your iPhone or Android gadgets which makes it a more efficient gadget to have around. To see what this heart monitor has to offer in terms of tracking and monitoring your fitness progress one must see the full potential of this innovative device.

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Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Review

Key Features:
@ Your heart rate are tracked perfectly and easily
@ The amount of calories burned for a specific period are also monitored
@ The monitored results are brought to you in real-time delivery
@ Has easy connectivity to Android and iPhone gadgets due to its dual wireless technology
@ Batteries last up to a year and can be easily-replaced

Why is the TICKR Heart Rate Monitor a great investment?

With its new revolutionary improvement that has Bluetooth and Ant+ wireless connectivity, the TICKR monitor has further excelled as a heart monitor. You can now easily connect your iPhone 4s and smartphones with at least a 4.3 version of Android to your heart rate monitor. Also, if you use Garmin and GPS, you can also connect them with your TICKR.

As a new TICKR user, the gadget contains an 8 week Fitness Burn and Burst Training Program to help you shed fats and improve your body and hearts strength and health. There are also third-party applications that work well with applications such as MapMyFitness, Endomondo, Cyclemeter, plus fifty more fitness training apps. Also, due to TICKR’s ability to connect with your gadgets easily, your smartphones are also turned into workout and health monitors like never before. After every workout or fitness session is finished, you can upload and share your developments and improvements through the Wahoo Fitness App. From this you can then share them on famous websites like Nike+, Strava, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks and MapMyRun. Easy and exciting!

It is especially made for durability such that even though it has been submerged underwater for a depth of five feet, it still works perfectly well. In addition to this, this heart rate monitor ensures that all its users feel comfortable and at ease with using it. This means you will not have scratches, red marks and itchy skin after using this heart rate monitor. Furthermore, the old “five-zone” training approach is no longer used in this heart monitor since people have been finding it hard to understand it. The TICKR uses two simple heart rate numbers in the form of the “Burn” and “Burst”.

One can easily use this heart rate monitor—just strap it around your back then attach the sensor, ensuring that the Wahoo logo is faced up, then you’re ready to go! So if you are looking for a perfect heart rate monitor sans the difficulty of understanding its content, the Wohoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor is the best investment that you can have. Not only will you be saving a fortune, you will also ensure that your heart and body are fit and healthy!

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