UFC Fit Workout DVD Review

UFC Fit Workout DVD Reviews One workout DVD that can help you achieve great results for a fit body is the UFC Fit Workout Program, which you can use to improve your cardiovascular health, burn excess fat and build your muscles.

UFC Fit is hugely in demand by fitness enthusiasts who desire an intense total body workout program to get a ripped body.

This DVD gives you a training program similar to UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighters and warriors. You can reach new heights of fitness if you follow every aspect of the regimen; nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

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How It Works?

The famous award winning trainer Mike Dolce designed the UFC Fit as a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout program.

You can look like an authentic UFC fighter by availing Mike Dolce’s knowledge and experience in MMA training. The DVD will teach you the training techniques used by professional athletes.

What’s Included?

UFC Fit consists of 12 workout DVDs designed to give you a healthy, strong and ripped body.
Here are the DVDs included in this package:
– Power Punch Workout
– Cross Cardio Train Workout
– Power Pull Workout
– Plyo Shred
– Fat Fighter Workout
– Ab Assassin Workout
– Striker Strength Workout
– Grapple Strength Workout
– Ultimate Fit Challenger Workout
– Ultimate Fit Champion Workout
– Ultimate Stretch Flex Workout
– Shark Attack Workout

– 132 page nutrition and lifestyle manual.
– A workout tracker for 12 weeks.
– A 3-Day shred program to get you on the fast track to weight loss.

– The chance to train with the fittest fighters in the UFC Fit program, like Thiago Alves, Johny Hendricks, Gray Maynard and Michael Bisping.
– Many fighters have quickly lost weight with the diet plan Mike Dolce follows, which he has shared in UFC Fit.
– You can choose from a variety of tough and exciting exercises with UFC Fit.
– Improve every aspect regarding fitness with UFC Fit, such as strength, flexibility and conditioning.
– You can get fit within the comforts of your home.
– All you need is a mat and a couple of adjustable dumbbells to follow this program.

– The nutrition plan does not include processed protein shakes or fake fat-free food. UFC Fit encourages eating healthy and whole foods. Some recipes are included too, such as fajitas, Pitbull Pancakes, stir-fry dishes and smoothies.
– You can get stronger and fitter each week with the training techniques which are demonstrated with proper volume and intensity designed to enable consistent progression.
– You can transform your body to get in excellent shape by the end of the program.
– The workouts do not last more than 25 to 40 minutes.

– UFC Fit does not include lessons for actual grappling and striking techniques.

What Customers Say?

The UFC Fit Workout DVD program has been rated an amazing 4.9 stars out of 5 by customers on Amazon (you can get the current rating by visiting their site now.).

Users have also given it positive reviews and have found it very effective. They have claimed to have lost several pounds in two weeks and think it really delivers on its promises.

Final Thoughts

UFC Fit is definitely a program that can effectively make you fitter and stronger in various ways.
Although you won’t be learning actual fighting techniques, you will still get a chance to train like an MMA fighter.

When you follow this training regimen, you can burn loads of fat and achieve a strong and sculpted body. The nutrition plan is an added bonus with several healthy recipes to get your diet plan going. The UFC Fit workout plan is a complete fitness regimen which can help transform your body into the shape you have always dreamed of.

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