True Fitness M50 Treadmill Review

True Fitness M50 Treadmill Review

The True Fitness M50 treadmill is an innovative and stylish piece of equipment. It is not only great looking but also combines various intelligent features, which help a user get the maximum benefit from it. It has an excellent quality and the smallness of its size is not a deterrent but in fact, it is an added plus. This means you get to store it in as little space as possible. Since it does not occupy so much space, it can also be kept in the office. The close proximity of this machine enables you to have more frequent workouts without the added stress of going to the gym.

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True Fitness M50 Treadmill Review

Key Features: The True Fitness M50’s orthopedic belts provide safe cushioning to your joints and your knees and are so low impact that you can feel it in every stride. This makes walking on the treadmill as easy as ABC. The best part is that people with arthritis and joint problems can greatly benefit from its state of the art orthopedic belt. The M50 treadmill also provides the user with a deck cushion, which is quite soft in the place where the foot impact takes place while simultaneously providing a firm foot push off towards the back. The resulting motion is smoother and has a very natural feel to it.

The compactness of this machine makes it ideal for places, which have a space problem. Since it is so versatile and small in size that it can accommodate easily in the smallest of spaces and is a great treadmill for those who live in smaller apartments. Now lack of space will not get in the way of your fitness. The M50 treadmill has solved this problem.

This innate technical feature enables you to work out at your own special pace and allows you to lock in on your targeted heart rate. Once you have selected your preferred heart rate, the treadmill adjusts its pace accordingly. This means you do not have to push a lot of buttons to get your desired workout, all this is achieved by the intelligent heart rate control system! It is now so easy to monitor your progress because of the easy to read LCD screen. Its intelligent programs like data feedback, quick speed and incline keys allow you to have a terrific workout at your desired pace.

Overall, the True Fitness M50 treadmill is durable and sturdy and has all the additional features to help you attain a great workout and set the treadmill at a pace, which is just right for you. It is compact in size, classy looking and good value for money.

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