Everything You Need To Know About Treadmills

Treadmills are among the most popular types of exercise equipment available to consumers. Millions of people use treadmills, whether it be in their own home, at the gym, and even at the office.

Treadmills come in a variety of styles and models, and also come in a variety of price ranges. There are folding treadmills, non-folding treadmills, and even what is known as a desk treadmill. With so many different options it can be a little daunting to choose which one is best for you.

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

This blog is intended to help you be informed about three different kinds of treadmills, the folding, non-folding and desk styles. Complete descriptions will be given on each treadmill, and the three styles will be compared with each other.

Also included in this blog will be discussion on choosing a treadmill for walking or choosing a treadmill for running. Choosing the right treadmill depends on what type of workout you want from it; a good hard run, a slower paced jog, or just a light walk.

So to help you we have a full range of guides and advice including:

>> Treadmill Buying Guides

>> Treadmill Main Features

>> Treadmill Reviews

>> Treadmills By Brand

>> And finally Treadmills By Price

All of these topics will be covered so keep reading to learn what you need to know about treadmills!

1.0) Desk Treadmills:

LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 Desktop TreadmillThe Desk Treadmill is a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment, allowing office workers, who normally would have to sit for hours, to get in much needed movement and exercise throughout their work day.

This treadmill is exactly as it sounds, it is a treadmill with a desk attached so that you can still have your computer or other office tools right in front of you while you work. Since users are working while walking these treadmills do not usually go faster than 4 miles per hour.

These treadmills also need to run for a longer period of time so the motor is very important in these treadmills.

What is good about this style of treadmill is that the desk portion is usually fairly adjustable, making it accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

For those who sit all day, a desk treadmill could be helpful for posture and relieving lower back pain as well as removing pressure from shoulders. The desk treadmill is a good option for those who are sitting all day and want to get up and move! Get to know all the desk treadmill reviews today.

2.0) Folding Treadmills:

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding TreadmillFolding treadmills are a very popular choice because they can help to save space. And cleaning the area under the treadmill is made much easier when you can fold it up and wheel it to a different spot!

However there are things that you should know about folding treadmills before deciding to buy this style over a traditional non-folding treadmill.

As with other types of portable machines, the folding treadmill requires a frame that allows for folding which makes it a little less stable than those with a solid frame.

Don’t worry though, it is not so unstable that it would not be safe!

What it does mean is that these treadmills are more suited to be used as walking treadmills than for running. The stability of a non-folding treadmill offers a better run because it won’t shake when you are running. However the folding treadmill is a great choice for those with limited space, or for those who wish to put away their treadmill after each use. Check out all the folding treadmill reviews here.

3.0) Non-Folding Treadmills:

Yowza Fitness Daytona Professional Grade Non-Folding TreadmillThese are the most well-known and used treadmills. This style of treadmill is what you would find in gyms across the globe. As mentioned above, these are more stable than folding treadmills, and offer more variety in terms of what can be done on them.

Their stability makes it a better choice for those who are wanting to run on their machines without feeling them shake or wobble. There are many more styles and models to choose from when it comes to these traditional treadmills. What is important when choosing a traditional treadmill is to first know what you will mainly use it for. This will help you to pick a treadmill that has the best motor for your purposes.

For example, a 1.75-2 continuous horsepower motor is sufficient for light joggers or walkers, whereas higher motors such as the 2.5 should be used for those wish to run on their treadmills.

Other factors to consider when buying a treadmill, of any sort, include: track size, speed and they type of cushioning on the track. Also you will want to check the durability of the track belt. Asking questions about these areas of treadmills will ensure you get the best one in your budget. Get the non-folding treadmill reviews here.

4.0) Walking, Jogging or Running:

It is important to know what you are wanting to use a treadmill for. This is super important when deciding to buy a treadmill. When you head out to the store, chances are they will ask you what the main use will be before they begin to show you specific models.

The reasons why it is so important to know what kind of workout you will do include safety issues. For instances if you are wanting to run on your treadmill, you will want a longer track size, especially if you are a taller person and have a long stride. It is also important to consider track speeds, runners will need a treadmill that reach higher track speeds. Be sure to have a clear idea of what you want a treadmill for!

4.1) Treadmills for Walkers:

For those looking for a treadmill specifically for walking, there are going to some differences between treadmills for walking and those for running. For example, motor size for running treadmills will need to be more powerful than for walkers. Treadmills designed for running are usually in a higher price range than those for walking.

Although when making your final decision don’t limit your information to just the price and motor size. Be sure to check out the available workout options on the different treadmills. Also look at the warranty options that come with the machines you are interested in. These features have an impact on your overall satisfaction with a chosen treadmill.

Here are a few treadmills that are trending on the market for those who want a walking treadmill:
ProForm Pro 2000– offers numerous workout options, tracks from across the globe (with iFit), incline and decline settings, and is equipped with speakers and an audio port.
Horizon Fitness T101-04– offers low price, variety of programs, 2.25 CHP motor provides a smooth and quiet ride.
Sole F63– offers 3.0 motor, affordable price range, programs for heart rate etc, and audio port and speakers.

These are just a few treadmill examples for walkers, they should help get you started on researching the many options available.

4.2) Treadmills for Runners:

When searching for a treadmill to be used for running what you will want to know right away is if the treadmill will be strong enough to handle running workouts over time. You will want a machine that has both a good strong motor and excellent warranty packages.

Running on a treadmill requires comfortability, so look for machines with extra wide tracks, and shock absorbers built right into the machine. Decide which type of features matter the most to you and research the prices of machines that have not only the types of workout programs you like, but the types of built in entertainment features as well. Combine these facts with your price range and you should have no trouble finding a machine that will suit you and your exercise needs.

Some of the notable treadmills for runners include:
Precor TRM 223– offers powerful motor, wide track, adjustable cushioning, great warranty, touch sensor and wireless heart rate monitoring.
LifeSpan Fitness TR7000i– offers durability, shock absorption to your comfort level, variety of programs, a 62” track and iPad integration.
Life Fitness T3 Go– offers spacious 20 x 55″ running surface, powerful motor, workout tracking and entertainment keep users engaged and motivated.

Begin researching these models and you will most certainly be led to other running treadmills that are of great quality.

5.0) Treadmills By Price

If price is your goal, then all of our reviews have been grouped into five price brackets:

       >> Under $500 Treadmill Reviews

       >> $500 – $999 Treadmill Reviews

       >> $1000 – $1499 Treadmill Reviews

       >> $1500 – $2000 Treadmill Reviews

       >> Over $2000 Treadmill Reviews

In Conclusion:

Whether purchasing a treadmill for the office, a light home workout or for a daily hard run, there is no denying that these machines are beneficial to health. Office desk treadmills offer sedentary workers the chance to get up and get walking while they are working, decreasing stress on the shoulders and back.

Walking treadmills are a perfect option for those who are just starting out with exercising, or for those that may have joint pain or other medical conditions that may keep them from more vigorous exercise regimes. For those who want a higher intensity workout, running treadmills can really help get their heart pumping.

Treadmills offer the ability to walk, run or jog, regardless of whether outside. Folding treadmills can be easily folded down and stored under a bed after each use, allowing even those who live in limited spaces to purchase a treadmill. Avid runners can take advantage of some of the excellent programming options available on treadmills to help them train.

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