Total Gym XLS Trainer Review

Total Gym XLS Trainer Review

The Total Gym XLS trainer is a top of the range home fitness machine for strengthening and sculpting all your muscles, with just one glide board and variety attachments. The XLS trainer works for your upper body, lower body abdominal and even your cardiovascular system. The glide board can support weight of up to 400 pounds.

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Total Gym XLS Trainer Review

Key Features: It uses the gravity-based resistance system to create a smooth and fluid working system. This type of system is what makes the XLS an excellent training machine for home use. The Total gym XLS has an upgraded pulley and cable system and a squat stand. The glide board even has a head support for your head and neck.

The Total Gym XLS comes with a complete set of workouts and workout tools that makes it easier for the beginner. You get a nutritional and eating program from Dan Isaacson with the XLS trainer. The Pilates kit is included for helping you to improve your motion and balance. This is all what makes this training machine so a good training machine for home users.

This trainer is used in rehab centers. It helps people recovering faster from physical injuries. This is because the Total gym XLS trainer does not put any strain on your joints rather helps in improving the joints and does not harm it. Every type of fitness level can use the XLS trainer, even if you are injured. The XLS has a great support for your back. The XLS is good enough for rehab centers and also good enough for you and your family.

With the Total Gym XLS trainer easy program, this trainer is a must for every home – for those who want to exercise and want to stay healthy. You can use this XLS trainer in the comfort of your own home, as it is very easy to use. And this trainer comes with an excellent workout tools for the most optical use of the XLS. With the nutritional program, you get the best start in your fitness and exercises at home. This will be the best training machine that you will ever buy and you can be assure that you will get more healthier.

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