Torque Fitness F1 Functional Strength Trainer Review

Torque Fitness F1 Functional Strength Trainer Review

The Torque Fitness F1 Trainer with its compact size and numerous strength-training options is a one of kind exercise equipment. The compactness of its size means that it can be used in personalized spaces such as your home or even the small cubicle den of your office. This machine has so many exercise options that it can be considered to be as versatile as a mini gym. It is an ideal exercise machine for the dynamic executive and the busy homemaker. Now you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships and then later regret about not being able to attend the exercise sessions. With this Torque Fitness Strength Trainer, extreme fitness is just a hand span away.

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Torque Fitness F1 Functional Strength Trainer Review

Key Features: The best part about the Torque Fitness F1 System is the dual swivel action, which allows you the freedom of either exercise while standing or sitting on a stability ball. It is great weight training equipment, which strengthens your body from 26 varying carriage positions. Its design is in par with any commercial gym equipment and it combines the features of an elliptical, treadmill and cardio trainers all in one versatile design.

The F1 is also sturdily built and has strong steel frames, which give it an added durability. It is also quite stylish looking and its compactness is one of its best features. It has a real space efficient footprint, which allows for maximum amount of movement in the least possible space. Even the ball bearings are steel coated which makes them totally maintenance free and allows you the freedom of unlimited movement with definite ease. The F1 is intricately designed and has a performance which is unbeatable and at par with some of the most expensive commercial gym equipments.

The F1 Strength Trainer has durable grips, which allow you total freedom of smooth gliding movement. It provides a complete total body workout with its ¼ to 1 resistance ratios for both beginners and advanced trainers. It is also pretty easy to assemble and the color coded flip chart depicts more than 45 different exercises. It also is a lot less stressful on your knees and joints because of its three dimensional movement. Weight training is a lot easier with the F1 functional strength trainer. It is also easy to manage different weight training accessories of the torque F1 with the FAST-attach connection system. Now you can switch workouts with a simple and easy motion without the added hassle of difficult removing and attaching of various parts.

Overall, the Torque Fitness F1 Strength Trainer is such an exercise machine, which combines the 3 dimensional effects of weight training with that of cardio exercise. Its compactness makes it an ideal choice of people who are pressed for space and it is also the first choice of busy individuals who cannot afford to waste their precious time.

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