These are the top 10 fitness YouTube channels for 2015 which I watch the most in 2014 and will be continue watching in 2015 too. Without further ado, let me share the list with you. If you have better option, kindly let me know, okay?

Top Fitness YouTube Channels for 2015

Note: These YouTube Channels are arranged in no particular order — the first entry is no better than the last entry.

#1: Fitness Blender: 360+ free full length workout videos & new routines weekly!

#2: POPSUGAR Fitness: Fresh fitness tutorials, step-by-step workouts, healthy living tips, wellness advice, and more!

#3: Blogilates: Full length POP Pilates and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workouts to Top 40 Hits with certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho.

#4: Vince DelMonte: You will find full-blown muscle-building & fat loss workouts, cooking & nutrition videos, and rapid-fire QnEh sessions with information to help you improve your physique immediately.

#5: Live Strong: It is a new online destination designed to inspire people to change their lives, help themselves and help others.

#6: BeFiT: Get high-quality, free workouts on BeFit! Transform your body and workout with top fitness trainers Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda and more. Slim your waistline, tighten and tone your arms and get a great butt for free. Are you ready to be fit?

#7: XHIT Daily: Daily workouts with a healthy dose of energy! You can get training session, a workout challenge, or tips on how to get the body you desire.

#8: Jessica Smith TV: No crazy exercises, revealing outfits or negative energy here.. just common sense fitness, advice and support from a friend and certified personal trainer, instructor and wellness coach with over 15 years of experience.

#9: Joanna Soh: New video on every Tuesday!

#10: Updated List January, 17th 2015 Weight Gain Network: I found out these videos that are helping skinny guys (ectomorphs) build serious muscle mass and gain weight quickly. I have dropped Flavia Del Monte video channel from my top 10 list!

Yes, starting January 2015, I’m going to visit those video channels that I listed above and share their fun and informative videos to my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ followers.