The Top 3 Dance Fitness Games Compared

The concept of dance games isn’t new. They have a lot to offer in the way of fun and fitness, and dancing is usually the highlight of any party.

Classics such as Dance Dance Revolution have long since been replaced by dance video games played on motion sensing gaming consoles for home fitness and fun. Take a closer look at three console dance fitness games that are more popular than others these days.

Dance Central 2

Dance Central 2 ReviewDance Central 2 is a newer version of the first game – which was also very popular – and comes with new dance songs, options and features. It competes for top place with the Just Dance game title, and also has some unique features to offer that set it apart from others.

You will find this dance game really fun and engaging. Unless you set it at easy, the video game is designed to get you dancing all around and sweating with all the action. The menu is straightforward and easy to use, and leads you right into your game to get you in shape and get your heart rate up while having loads of fun.

If you were a fan of the music featured in the original Dance Central, you can add those tracks to this sequel too so that you can listen and dance to music from both games. However, the music cannot be transferred for free and requires payment of 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live to avail this feature.

You still get plenty of new tracks here if you do not want to pay for extra songs, and this music is equally good for dance sessions and some cardio fitness. The experience can be further improved with the creation of your own playlists with tracks of your choice. If you want to add to the fun with a dance partner, you can make use of the multiplayer feature.

The sensitivity of motion sensors on the Kinect has also been improved in the time since the first Dance Central came out, and now your dance sessions will be more rewarding with more accurate readings of your moves. Less glitches will further motivate you to continue dancing for fitness.

Beginners will find one very handy and unique option in this game; the “break it down” mode. This option lets you learn each step and how to do it properly by letting you go through the moves at a slower pace than normal while the song plays. This allows you to enjoy the session and also methodically work through dance steps to get the most out of your workout.

This game may not be suitable for kids due to the lyrics of the songs included in Dance Central 2. Abusive language is bleeped out, but suggestive sexual references may be a drawback that prevents you from buying this for your kids.

This dance video game is generally great for fitness and fun with some really nice features and works really smoothly on the Kinect, making it a smart purchase for adults.

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Just Dance 2

Get Just Dance 2 ReviewJust Dance is another smash hit game series that is immensely popular among dance game fans. The first game is still selling a few years after its release, and those who want more got it in the form of this sequel. Just Dance 2 is an equally good release that dance lovers and fans greatly appreciated.

The wide range of tracks included in this game caters to everyone’s taste and feature both old classics and more recent music. This way you can keep yourself and any dance partners interested.

The songs and wide variety of dance moves that are possible with them make this a great choice for getting some real exercise and working up a sweat by using your whole body. It is great for fitness and having a good time while you’re at it.

The easy-to-use menu is another advantage you will be glad for. You can start dancing without having to fuss about lengthy menu screens and options.

Dance games usually have one drawback in common, and that is unsuitable lyrics for kids. Sexually suggestive songs may not be the kind of music you want your children dancing to. Other than that this game is great for an enjoyable dance session and physical activity.

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Just Dance 3

Best Just Dance 3 ReviewsFollowing the success of the first two in this dance game series, Just Dance 3 came out with new music and more features to add some innovation.

The first thing you will notice is the improved speed and ease of access with which you can get started on the dancing. There is no need to set up a profile and your song is just a click away.

The multiplayer option in Just Dance 3 is better than ever, with the capability to accommodate 4 players in the arena. Not only that, each player has a solo part and works through individual dance steps. The Dance ‘Til Dawn mode is another feature that stands out.

This option finally addresses the need of Just Dance fans to play tracks on continuous repeat. It can be frustrating to go to the menu each time and get the music started again, but now no party needs to have disruptions in the song list, as the tracks will keep playing endlessly.

This also makes it a great game for fitness. Working out with friends will prove to be more motivating and rewarding, while dancing alone with Just Dance 3 is fun too.

However, this version of the game is not as beneficial from a fitness point of view as the older titles, because the dance moves do not demand as much physical exertion from you. Another downside is the choice of songs, which are a tad obscure. The songs list is not as good as the excellent tracks found in Just Dance 2.

Just Dance 3 still provides good entertainment and will not disappoint. It can provide both hours of fun as well as physical activity.

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These three dance game titles are a class apart from other ordinary video games available in abundance in the market. Dance Central for the Kinect and Just Dance 2 are both smart options in particular and will not disappoint. The fun and exercise you can get from these make them well worth buying.

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