This Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Has To Be The Hottest Christmas Gift

Schwinn 170 upright bike has to be the hottest upright bike for Christmas 2013 for the great discount being offered on it and some amazing features of the bike. This bike is now available on Amazon with a 43% discount on its previous price so this upright bike, which was previously nearly $700, is now available at just $400. After reading that, there is no reason why this bike shouldn’t be the next Christmas gift for your fitness lover loved one.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike ReviewAmazon-Price

This bike is better than all of its previous similar models. It offers better features and the first one is the resistance level. You can now challenge yourself with 25 resistance levels while the previous models were offered only 20 levels of resistance. A model that looks similar to 170 is the 130 but with the great discount that you are getting with Schwinn 170 it is the hottest exercise bike for Christmas 2013, especially when you are gifting it to someone.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike DisplayModel 130 can’t even come close to this one when you compare the programs that come pre-installed on this machine. You were getting only 22 programs on the previous model but this one has 29 programs on it so whether you want to be the good looking toned person or a professional athlete depends completely on you and the programs you choose. Not to forget, you can store the information of up to 4 users on this one while the previous models were only limited to a maximum of 2 users.

The pedal cranks are 3-piece cranks compared to only 1-piece pedal cranks on previous models. When Christmas is gone and the New Year is starting, you can use the charging USB port on this machine to put your data online and make a New Year resolution to get fit and healthy by tracking your information. The inclusion of forearm rests on this model will definitely give users some more comfort during their heavy and challenging workouts.

This upright bike can handle a maximum user weight of 300lbs and with its 10-year frame and 2-year mechanical warranty, you should never lose your peace of mind while exercising on it. The transport wheels are still there for you to change places on this bike easily. Not to mention the acoustic speakers and 3-speed fan are still included on this model. For all the great additional features and stuff you are paying a discounted price and that’s what we call double bonus.

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