The Relation Between Exercise And Your Posture

The Indian yogis state that keeping your back agile is the key to staying young. The present world keeps us busy at desk jobs. When you spend time without exercising and stay behind the desk for a long time, your back as well as your posture gets affected. It’s quite natural that your abdominal core muscles will slouch and eventually you’ll have an awkward posture.

How good posture helps you?

Good posture can offer you a lot of benefits. You’ll look tall and lean and at the same time your head, neck and back will be in alignment with each other. As a result, you’ll enjoy a better body balance keeping your upper and lower parts. You’ll be grounded in a steadier way. You’ll definitely have reduced risk of falling.

Choosing the exercises

The key to having good posture is to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Of course, you need strength at the lower back, thighs and buttocks as well. Then your body can work in a balanced way by supporting each other well. You can do yoga, planks or the Pilates to help your abdominal core and lower back muscles. You can keep your hips in better alignment by doing lunges and squats as these help your thighs and buttocks.

Exercising to improve upper body balance

The weight of your head can stay centered if you have strengthened upper back and neck. Shoulder Roll Back and Backward Resistance Exercise are two effective resistance exercises to strengthen your upper back and neck.

(a) Practice doing shoulder roll back

First, stand straight keeping your feet at shoulder width. Keep your hands hanging along your body and then you need to squeeze your should blades together to roll your shoulders to the back and front. During this movement, your hands will rotate outward to some extent. Now you should pull your chin toward your neck without bending your head forward. Stay at this position for about 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat this 2 to 3 times.

(b) Practice backward resistance exercise

Get your fingers interlocked and then place your hands behind your head by pointing your elbows out. Now push your hands gently forward while you create resistance by pushing your neck backward. Stay at this alignment for about 5 to 10 seconds; you will feel the resistance. Do this 3 times.

Exercising to improve lower body balance

You know it very well how important your feet and legs are to support your whole body on a standing posture. Cycling, running and walking strengthen your quadriceps. You can strengthen calves and improve the arches of your feet by doing some standing calf exercises. Other than squats and lunges, leg extensions are good examples of exercises that help quadriceps.

You need to keep your weight to a minimum because there may be much torque on your knees due to leg extensions. Also, you may target doing one or two cycles of 15 repetitions at one time.

It is important to keep all muscles toned so that you look tall and lean. At the same time, this helps you stay away from any injury caused by a failing of muscles under pressure.

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