The Firm Zip Trainer Medicine Ball Kit Review

The Firm Zip Trainer Medicine Ball Kit Review

If you have tried all those fancy looking fitness machine and gadgets in the market but haven’t been able to see the results that you have always dreamed of, The Firm zip trainer medicine ball kit is going to bring the change for you. This kit consists of one of the simplest looking exercising equipment. However, this exercising equipment could do what most other fitness items can’t. This kit helps you in not only toning up your body but also losing some unnecessary fats from it.

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The Firm Zip Trainer Medicine Ball Kit Review

Key Features: The zip trainer consists of 2 balls and DVDs. The bigger pink colored ball has a weight of 5lbs whereas a smaller and softer ball can be inserted into this ball and has a weight of 3lbs. This little ball is mainly added to increase the weight of the bigger ball but you can do many exercises with the smaller ball as well. There is a zipper attached to the middle of the bigger 5-pound pink medicine ball. This zipper can be unzipped to split the ball into two equal sections. After unzipping the ball can be laid flat on the floor.

There are 3 DVDs that come with this kit. These 3 DVDs contain exercise programs and instructions given by professional trainers on how to use this equipment to tone the muscles of the body and reduce weight. The package also comes with a fitness and nutrition guide, and a guide on the meal plan for 2 months. You will also gain access to the VIP membership club and with this bonus you can download a 15-minute workout program from company’s official website.

This exercise equipment is amazing since the simple looking balls can help you get in shape by doing some of the most physically challenging workouts. Core strength, cardio, core muscles etc. can all be targeted with this exercise equipment. The DVDs with 7 different workout programs show you how the ball can be used for various purposes in many different ways i.e. when laid flat and zipped. The maximum weight you are allowed to put on the ball is 275 pounds.

The ease of use of this equipment is the most important factor in its popularity today. It can be easily stored in any room and the zipped ball can be unzipped to allow easy storage of the bigger ball too. It wouldn't be wrong to say that this is the most unique, affordable and effective piece of fitness equipment that you can find in the market these days.

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