FloAthletika Premium Yoga / Pilates Mat Review

There are several reasons for which a quality exercise mat is necessary for Pilates and yoga practice. It makes your workouts safe, can be placed anywhere, provides a thick padding surface and can be cleaned easily. This is all true for the FloAthletika Premium Yoga / Pilates Mat, which also has an environment-friendly design and comes with a warranty and guarantee from the manufacturers. So take a closer look at this handy mat and see what it has to offer.

Yogalates: A Fusion of Two Strong Exercise Programs

A typical Yogalates session starts with stretching and yoga poses before proceeding to the Pilates phase. One of the obvious comparisons you can make between the two is that yoga poses are held longer compared to the other. Thus, the session seemingly starts with a slow pace and gradually increases as you move on to the last phase.