Sunny Power Tower Review

Sometimes the simplest equipment deliver the best results and Sunny Power Tower/Dip station is one of those equipment. This tower dip station incorporates three different stations and serves as a simple yet durable and sturdy exercising equipment.

ProGear 275 Power Tower Fitness Station Review

The ProGear 275 is equipped with a grip that has the capacity to be used in multiple ways. You are able to tone and strengthen your biceps, lats, and back, by doing different positions to target those muscle groups. It also comes with a Vertical Knee Raise (VKR), Dip and Push Up and Chin Up/Pull to offer a greater variety of workout, leading to a more dynamic workout. The grips are designed for both comfort and support allowing you to target and strengthen the pectoral muscles by deep pushups. The step support located on the mainframe that allows you to align, steady and position yourself for a safe and efficient pull up and chins up routine.