Sunny Health and Fitness P8200 Review

Sunny Health and Fitness P8200 Review

You don’t always have to spend all your saved money to get good fitness equipment in your house. With more people realizing the importance of fitness and staying healthy and companies making more fitness items, we now have some really affordable options in the market for every home user. Sunny Health and Fitness magnetic upright bike (model: P8200) is one such option that will give you the opportunity to lose weight without wasting your money for things you don’t need.

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Sunny Health and Fitness P8200 Review

Key Features: This is an upright bike designed to save the space in your house. With a very small footprint this bike contains all the necessary features you would want from your exercise bike. This bike is designed to facilitate you in low-impact aerobic exercises. The textured pedals are designed to provide a slippage free platform to your feet with straps to hold them firmly in place. The mechanism on the bike is magnetic and you have 8 levels to make easy workouts more challenging in 8 steps.

This upright bike runs with the belt mechanism. However, it has an amazingly quiet belt operation that makes virtually no noise and does not wake up anyone if you are exercising early in the morning. The seat on the bike is cushioned so you can go for long durations of workouts without any discomfort. The height of the seat can also be adjusted so people with different heights can be easily accommodated on this bike.

There is a very small and cute looking console located at the front. This is an LCD display with no fancy features but you will get all the necessary information about your workouts such as calories burned, distance covered, speed of your workout, time etc. There is a wheel located at the front panel of the bike that allows you to adjust the levels of resistance even when you are working out. The height of this machine is just 32 inches with only 45 inches of length so it can be conveniently accommodated in any room of the house.

Even with such small size there are transport wheels attached to the front feet of the bike so you can easily move it in the house. Reasons why you should have this upright bike in your house is because it has a very small footprint, it is extremely affordable and it also boasts a very quiet belt operation so you can perform soundless workouts at any part of the day.

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