Sunny Air Walk Trainer Review

Sunny Air Walk Trainer Review

The Sunny Air Walk Trainer is known to come with a no impact cardio meaning that any kind of exercise that you carry out on this machine will in no way lead to any kind of ankle or knees pains, and it also won’t cause any kind of joint pains. This is quite useful for those people who are suffering from arthritis or weak joints, and it also helps in keeping any kind of strains off from your lower back.

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Sunny Air Walk Trainer Review

Key Features: Due to the moving handlebars that come with the Sunny Air Walk Trainer, it gives you a chance to do a full body workout. The machine does also come with a lot of different other features that many other exercise machines might not have such as, the comfortable abdominal support pad. This support pad is adjustable and removable so if you do not want to use it, you can easily remove it. And by removing the pad, you get a chance to increase the range of motions that the machine can provide.

An instruction manual is provided with this machine that is very user-friendly and easy to understand for any person, plus at the same time, the elliptical is as easy to setup as well. The tools that may be required to setup the elliptical are provided with the machine when it is bought. There is hardly any noise that comes while using the machine thus you can watch TV or listen to music undisturbed with exercising at the same time. The weight of the machine is around 38 pounds and it can hold up to 220 pounds easily. It is about 14” in size with a great foot pedal grip.

The machine is very lightweight and compact thus making it extremely easy to move it from one place to any other. It is an ideal machine to be used both at home and at the office because whenever it may not be in use you can easily push it to a side or vice versa. Best of all, the machine can easily be folded if the lock pin is removed, thus making it extremely easy to move it in your bedroom closet or under the bed. A small computer is also provided with the machine that helps in providing you with the information of the calories count, the total distance that you might have traveled while using the machine, and the total time that you have exercised on the machine. Sadly, you cannot watch all the three options at once as you might need to choose which one to check while exercising, plus it doesn’t have any heart rate monitor attached to it like many other elliptical haves.

The Sunny Air Walk Trainer is able to do more work than just on your legs and arms , it has a slight twisting motion to it which can prove to be very useful for both your abs and waist and all without too much pressure put on your hips. The machine is great for those users who might have a heart disease or high blood pressure.

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