Stott Pilates V2 Max Plus Reformer Review

Stott Pilates V2 Max Plus Reformer Review

Stott Pilates V2 Max Plus Reformer is no doubt one of the most intelligent machines to be kept in fitness centers and gymnasiums. This machine is a trainer, coach and a combination of all the best exercise machines in one. It is a perfect machine for enthusiasts and professionals and if you look at it once you will realize that the exercise options are unlimited with this particular apparatus. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

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Key Features: First, an apparatus containing so many components and offering so many options for workouts must be very strong and sturdy, and Stott does a great job in this. The major parts of the entire apparatus are the vertical and the horizontal component. The vertical part contains a retractable rope with its many functions along with a moving pulley, a safety chain and a rectangular holder assisting in hundred different exercises. The retractable rope and rectangular frame can be used by holding them with hands or feet in a variety of exercises.

The horizontal frame of the apparatus has a resting platform that moves and is called the carriage. This is the platform that plays the major role in most of the exercises. You can sit, stand and lie down on it depending on the exercise. At one end it is supported by pulleys and on the other hand it has 5 strings to increase and decrease the resistance levels. Several other components can be attached to or detached from the end of the horizontal panel for various exercises.

As is the case with Pilates, most of the exercises are focused on balancing your abdominal, pelvic and spinal regions. You can always get off the platform, go to the opposite side of the horizontal platform of the machine and use the rectangular frame or ropes for other stretching exercises. All the components have various positions to facilitate different exercises and different heights of people. All the components i.e. headrest, foot bar, carriage, vertical frame pulleys and gear bar, can be adjusted at different positions and levels.

It is a perfect machine for commercial use and its strong and sturdy frame and components have been designed to live for decades. There is a limited lifetime warranty on various components including the rails (made of aluminum), foot bar mechanism etc. All parts come with a limited 2-year warranty too. The fabric is having a warranty of 90 days as well. For any trainer who wants to train people on Pilates and improve their breathing, pelvic placement, scapular movement and rib cage placement, this Stott Pilates V2 Max Plus reformer is the best apparatus out there.

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