StairMaster SC5 Review

StairMaster SC5 Review

If you are one of the people who think climbing stairs burns a lot of calories, which is a fact, you should get the StairMaster SC5 Stairclimber as soon as you can. This machine is designed to imitate the stair climbing motion but it makes this job so much more sophisticated and useful with all the great features that focus only on making your body toned. Here are the great features of this stair climbing machine.

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StairMaster SC5 Review

Key Features: First of all, this machine is designed for commercial use so if you get it in your house you’ll definitely be using it for decades and if you want it for a fitness club, this is the best thing. The big sized pedals start moving up and down when you turn on the machine and give you a complete imitation of stair climbing but with minimum impact on your joints and stress points. The pedal geometry and the biomechanics of this machine are perfect to give you a smooth workout with the least hassle and you can always change the speed of the machine from 26 steps to 174 steps in a minute.

There are two LCDs on this machine bright with blue backlight that lets you read every piece of information with ease while working out. You will know the speed of our exercises, calories burned during the exercise, workout program and much more. 10 workout programs have already been installed on the machine including the very famous and interesting mystery challenge that keeps you on your toes throughout your workout session.

Other great features include the iPod compatibility that lets you hear the songs during your workouts and a USB port that will keep your smartphones and tablets charging and allow you to transfer your workout data from this machine to another source. The bottle holder and reading rack have also been put at a very easy-to-access distance. The maximum user weight this machine allows is 300 pounds and its small footprint of just 2 by 4 (feet) saves a lot of space for the users.

This machine looks heavy but the transport wheels to make your job easier when you must move it from one location to another. Furthermore, once you have the machine you will also have the peace of mind that this piece of equipment from StairMaster is backed by a 15-year warranty on the frame. However, this machine is for people with big budgets or who don’t have any restrictions on their budget while buying an exercise machine.

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