Stability Balls

A simple and useful tool you can add to your bodyweight training routine is a stability ball. The lightweight ball can be used for various exercises to improve balance in the body while also helping to tone muscles and build body strength.

Stability balls come in different weight limits, making them suitable for every fitness enthusiast. Whether you are used to tough workouts or you cannot work your body too hard due to back or joint problems, these balls can help you stay in shape.

Using stability balls for exercise brings several health benefits, such as prevention of backaches, improved muscle strength and better posture. They can also help tighten abdominal and lower back muscles.

A stability ball provides resistance during workouts through the need to keep yourself balanced while you sit on it and perform various exercises.

You can perform sit-ups on the ball, among other exercises, and in this way you can target the muscles that improve posture by maintaining balance.

Other exercises you can do on it include squats, crunches, push-ups and curls. Shoulder exercises like the jackknife or rowing movements are also effective on the ball.

You can choose to do exercises with weights or without them according to your level of fitness. An important factor to consider before buying a stability ball is the size of the ball in relation to your height. If you get a bigger stability ball when compared with your height, you won’t get much resistance during workouts.

Therefore choose one that looks the right size for you. If you are short, buy a smaller stability ball. One option is the Anti-Burst Exercise Stability Ball.

It includes a pump and can hold weight of up to 2,000 pounds. It comes in different sizes in a range of 45 to 85 cm. This ball is a highly durable commercial grade one with thick walls.

The Wacces Fitness Exercise and Stability Ball also comes with a pump and is available in three different sizes: 55cm, 65cm and 75cm. It supports weight up to 500 pounds.

This stability ball is useful for working all the muscle groups in your body including the abdominal, core, back and thigh muscles and achieving a toned look.

Another ball made from burst resistant material is the Tone Fitness Stability Ball. It is available in blue color and is a good choice for core strengthening and tough resistance workouts.

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