Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review

Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review

Affordable things are hard to come by today but you can always trade a few extra bucks to get a deal of the lifetime. Schwinn 870 treadmill might just be one of those deals waiting for you to pick them up. This amazing treadmill has a never-ending list of features to offer to home users. It is powerful, feature-rich and is made to last for years and decades. Let’s see what this Schwinn treadmill has for you in store.

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Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review

Key Features: The most impressive thing about this treadmill is its powerful motor that runs with an impressive 3.0CHP. This powerful motor provides you a hiccup-free workout session every time you get on the treadmill and offers you an amazing maximum speed of 12MPH. The sheer power of this motor enables it to give you a big 15% incline when you are feeling like doing some really challenging workouts. It offers more belt area for you to run at 20x60-inch so you can always feel free to run no matter how long your strides are.

It comes with a console to impress you with its stunning blue backlit display. It shows you the time, speed, calorie burn count, distance covered, heart rate etc. on the screen. The control buttons are located all around the display for you to easily change the settings. There are 26 programs already installed on this console so you could do a different workout on every day of the month while skipping the Sundays for rests. 4-user profiles allow more users to get on this machine and keep a track of their fitness goals.

Entertainment features have become a necessity for all treadmills today so this one comes with iPod compatibility too. You can hear your favorite music on large speakers that are mounted on the console. Through Bluetooth connectivity you can sync your fitness data with your online fitness program too. The 6-cell cushioning is one of the best offered by any treadmill manufacturer just for your comfort. There is USB port on the console too to transfer the data or charge your USB devices.

The console also has a cooling fan mounted on it so you can get some cool breeze during body-stretching workouts. You can monitor the heart rate either through the pulse grips or telemetry options. There are transport wheels for easy transportation. With user weight capacity of 300lbs this Schwinn 870 treadmill comes with a mind calming 10-year warranty on its frame and motor. The mechanical and electrical aspects are also covered with 2-year warranty.

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