Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review

Along with Samsung’s innovative technology which produced the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, now comes the Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor. This fitness gear is synced with your tablet or smartphone for easier monitoring of your fitness regimen. It has the capacity to give you alerts while also motivating you to reach your goals. It also comes with an intelligent bracelet that you can personalize depending on your workout attire or your mood. This Samsung Gear Fit combines form and function in one.

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Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review

Key Features:
@ Can be synced easily with android smartphones and tablets
@ Tracks your movements and developments 24/7
@ Weather-proof so you can wear it anytime, anywhere
@ Made with lightweight and durable materials
@ Has a curved body with numerous colours in its AMOLED display
@ Gives you alerts and notifications on incoming messages and calls

Why is the Samsung Gear Fit a great investment?

It is especially designed by Samsung electronics as a fitness companion for all health enthusiasts to work with their 4.2.2 android smartphones and tablets for easier fitness monitoring.

Just like wearing a watch, it is worn on your wrist all throughout the day and night so you can be provided with real-time alerts while constantly keeping track of your movements and fitness regimen. Its built-in heart rate monitor has a revolutionary design that responds to your touch so your heart-rate will always be monitored. The Samsung S Health program gives you the reign to set achievable goals while even providing you with coaching and guides during your workouts to keep you hyped and encouraged.

You need not worry in having to wear the Samsung Gear Fit all the time since they are made to look fashionable for both men and women due to its screens and bands which you can easily personalize. Since they sync perfectly with your android tablets or smartphones, you can view your e-mails, text messages and other notifications in its 1.84 inch AMOLED screen.

Weighing less than an ounce or 27 grams, it is a lightweight all-in-one fitness band. Upon purchase, you will also get a wall adapter and a charging cradle with its manual to guide you how to use it with ease. Tests conducted on this Samsung fitness tracker showed how it has the capacity to resist dust and water especially after it has been placed a meter underwater for more than thirty minutes. This shows that even if you’re caught under sudden rain while biking or running, you will have no fear of destroying your Samsung tracker.

The concept behind this fitness watch is to provide people who work out the ability to monitor their fitness progress and goals while also letting them access their smartphones and tablets without having to check these during trainings and exercises. With all these amazing features, the Samsung Gear Fit is a must-have for health enthusiasts who are in search of a fitness band that has both form and functionality.

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