Resistance Bands

If you do bodyweight training workouts at home, resistance bands are easy and convenient tools for these exercises.

These bands can support lots of weight and pressure, since they are made from tough rubber. They are useful for working and strengthening all the major muscle groups in your body as well as bones.

Whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level of fitness, you can use bands for compound exercises and to improve body balance and strength no matter what age group you belong to.

The resistance in these bands can be adjusted for an easy, moderate or tough exercise according to your stamina, strength and fitness level.

Resistance bands can also be used as a substitute for weights. They are lighter than weights and can be handled more easily, but can still provide the same level of exercise.

They are suitable for almost any exercise and move. You can use resistance bands for squats, presses and exercises that target the biceps and triceps, among others.

It is better to purchase resistance bands in a set so that you can get bands with different resistance levels in a more economical price, since buying each band separately will cost you more compared to getting them in one set.

One great option is the Black Mountain Resistance Band Set. It contains five bands, with each weighing differently. You can use the 2-4 lbs. band, the 4-6 lbs. band, the 10-12 lbs. band, the 15-20 lbs. band and the 25-30 pounds band.

You can perform various exercises with each band, but you can also combine the bands to get a different level of resistance. For example, you can mix the 4-pound band with the one weighing 15 pounds to get a new resistance range.

This resistance bands set includes an ankle strap, a carrying case for the bands and a door anchor. You can easily attach the bands to the ankle strap or door handles to get an effective workout.

Another option is the Best Durability resistance bands. They are also useful for working multiple muscle groups with squats, walks or any other workout. The material used is durable latex and they measure 10” by 2”.

There are different levels of resistance, and you can work with light, medium, heavy and extra heavy according to your fitness level. They can be used on the legs, thighs, knees, ankles as well as against objects for resistance.

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