Relation Between Strength and Muscle Building

Strength can refer to two different concepts. It may refer to the exertion of force at a particular time. For example, it may mean how much you can exert in lifting some weight. The second refers to endurance. For example, your muscle strength may refer to your ability to work your muscles for a long time before getting tired. However, this articles focus on the muscles’ ability to use force.

So if you’re curious to know if there’s a link between strength and muscle building, the answer is both yes and no. No worry; let’s see why the answer is not so straightforward.

It is a simple fact that you usually become stronger when you build muscles. However, it doesn’t mean that when you build strength, you will get considerably bigger muscles. Of course, the strength training and muscles building overlap while some exercises build muscles and the others build strength.

Whether you’re training for strength or muscle building, you need to consider three things: type of training, repetitions and intensity, and rest time. Then you can have a good result.

Three training routines

Your training routine may involve three types of training. The first is the full body split that works out your whole body. This may be practiced on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other days of the week should be exempted from this routine.

The second and third types involve the upper/lower body split or body part split. You may choose to do this routine on Monday and Thursday for the upper body and on Tuesday and Friday for the lower part one.

When your goal is to gain strength, the full body split or upper/lower split can benefit you most. In such a case, the body part routine is not of much use.

Repetitions and intensity

To build muscles mass you need to do more repetitions with less weight. So, fewer repetitions using more weight are more useful for gaining strength. Use of more weight is referred to as training intensity. Keeping to the 1 to 8 rep range is good for strength building. When you feel comfortable with 8 reps, you can move towards more reps.

How long the rest periods should be?

With the increase of training intensity your body develops strength and in the same manner your rest period should also increase. Between sets you should take rest for 2 to 5 minutes. When you’re training for muscle building, you usually train at a lower intensity. However, you need to do more repetitions that may be between 5 and 12.

You now understand that getting stronger doesn’t mean you’ve got to have bigger muscles. You can achieve this goal by following a full body or upper/lower body split training routine where there should be fewer reps with heavier weight and resting time between sets for 2 to 5 minutes. Of course, you’ll need to adjust to your needs based on the results you get. Then you can get stronger comfortably.

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