How Regular Exercise Today Will Ensure A Healthy Tomorrow?

How Regular Exercise Today Will Ensure A Healthy TomorrowMost health conscious people realize the importance of regular exercise for good health. The ideal combination to stay fit is exercising every day and eating nutritious food.

People are increasingly becoming aware of the need for fitness and health, due to the alarming rise in health problems and deaths caused by heart disease.

Unfortunately there are still too many people who are unaware about the many benefits of exercising regularly.

If you need some extra motivation to start a fitness regimen, take a look at these reasons as to why regular exercise is necessary for a healthy tomorrow:

@ Regular exercise keeps a check on your weight: Working out each day helps burn excess calories. The harder you work, the more fat you can burn.

If it is difficult for you to reserve a chunk of the day out of your schedule for exercise or a trip to the gym, adopt a lifestyle that involves doing routine chores more actively. Opt to walk short distances instead of using a vehicle, or take the stairs rather than using elevators.

@ Prevents future health complications: Whether you have high blood pressure or are at risk of having heart disease, exercise is the answer to your problems. It helps lower cholesterol and improves heart health. Regular exercise prevents a number of other problems as well, such as diabetes, arthritis, metabolic problems and even some types of cancer.

@ Boost your energy levels: Exercise leaves you feeling energetic and revitalized even after you work long hours. Regularly working out boosts stamina and improves muscle strength.

The heart functions better when the blood vessels get more oxygen and nutrition through exercise. A healthy body makes it possible to remain fit and in shape even as you age.

@ Manages mood: Physical activity stimulates a stress reducing chemical called endorphin in the brain which is responsible for making you feel happy. Even a 15-minute walk can boost your mood. Regular exercise can also help improve self-esteem and build confidence.

@ Regular exercise promotes good sleep: If you have difficulty falling asleep or you are unable to get good quality sleep, this problem can also be solved with increased physical activity.

Exercise can help you go to sleep more easily and you will get uninterrupted sleep for the whole night. Do not work out right before bedtime, though, because you will be too charged and energized to be able to fall asleep.

@ Exercise enhances the sex life: Couples who often feel too exhausted to enjoy physical intimacy can also benefit from exercise, as it can give you the energy and fitness required to have a good sex life.

Regular exercise helps increase arousal for women and prevents erectile dysfunction in men. Men who remain inactive have an increased risk of suffering from this problem.

@ Exercise adds fun to your mundane life: Physical activity provides the chance to improve your social life. Whether you go outdoors for running or jogging, or join the gym, you will meet other fitness enthusiasts which can also be a motivating factor to help you along the road to a healthy lifestyle.

You will feel good about actually taking positive steps for fitness and health. Find any physical activity that you prefer and enjoy so that you can add it to your daily routine. You will gradually start feeling the positive changes in your body and health, making you feel even better.

Bottom Line

Hopefully you have come to the conclusion that exercise is indeed great for the body as well as the mind. It is the ideal way to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

You can start small by taking out just 15 minutes for any exercise and gradually increase the duration, but if you need to lose excess weight you should exercise more.

If you suffer from any health problem, or are out of shape due to an inactive lifestyle, it would be better to consult a physician prior to making a fitness plan.

Start exercising NOW to live a healthy, disease free life and to remain energetic even in old age.

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