Pros and Cons of Tabata

In the world of fitness exercises and workouts, Tabata is recognized as one of the most powerful training. In addition to having various moves and actions involved, it pays attention to the intensity and the process in which these are applied. For example, Tabata uses 20 seconds of maximum intensity workout, followed by a 10-second rest. This repetition is done eight times.

There have been debates among fitness professionals on this controversial type of exercising. Specifically, whether this type of exercise will be safe enough for anyone. Also, the question on what types of circumstances among individuals should be considered before it should be used is commonly deliberated.

This article tackles the various advantages and disadvantages of Tabata that can help you decide whether or not you can apply it in your fitness regimen. It is important for you to understand fully the benefits and considerations in using Tabata to avoid any problems in the future.

Advantages of Tabata

#1. Quick
Most individuals nowadays have troubles in trying to do exercises while struggling to juggle their work and family responsibilities. Because of their hectic schedules, people tend to skip doing workouts and exercises. This makes Tabata a good workout option since it is usually done from four to ten minutes. This fast yet effective workout method appeals to individuals who do not have much free time to visit the gym or jog every day. With Tabata, they can easily fit in their exercise whenever they have the extra time at home or at work.

#2. Effective
In addition to the short amount of time needed every day, Tabata is also a very effective workout method that can let you shed fat, loose calories and strengthen muscles. How fast you can see the results of the Tabata workout depends on the amount of minutes you do each day. The effectiveness of the Tabata workout is incredible since doing it for four minutes will match a 30-minute to 60-minute walking session.

#3. Additional benefits
With the way Tabata is used, experts believe that it can build muscle while also strengthening it. Depending on the type of exercise and amount of time doing this, Tabata can build and strengthen various parts of the body since it requires constancy and steadiness while pushing your body further.

Tabata is also seen as a great method that can increase your body’s durability and capacity. This is a great advantage especially for athletes who have to constantly push their body’s further to excel in what they are doing. For people who are ageing, Tabata can also be a great advantage for their bodies, since this can help them avoid becoming too weak.

Disadvantages of Tabata

#1. Appropriateness
There have been extensive debates on how appropriate Tabata can be for anyone. The answer mostly leads to Tabata as unsuitable for anyone, especially those who have heart problems or high blood pressures.

People who have these types of physical problems should never try Tabata since it can be detrimental for them. This is largely due to the fact that the method in which Tabata is done greatly increases the heart rate. The Tabata method pushes the body to exert its capacity through short bursts of exercises. However, the short amount of time provided to rest, does not give one’s heart enough time to slow down. This is why Tabata forces the body’s cardiovascular system to a higher rate with every repetition. Individuals who do not have any heart-related problems may not have any problem with this fitness regimen. Still, since it can be harmful for some, no one should try doing this without seeking medical help first.

#2. Danger
Since people firstly see this fitness regimen as quick and easy, they tend to overlook the safety risks that come with it. People often disregard their body’s actual capacity to take on such a rigorous form of workout that can affect their health. The importance of doing stretches, warm-ups and cool downs are not done with Tabata.

In doing Tabata it is important to have enough room during exercises, and that the surface is soft enough to avoid acquiring injuries to your muscles and joints. An example is with doing push-ups where you should avoid doing it anywhere. Find a surface that will not cause possible injuries to your wrists and arms especially since you are repetitively pushing and lifting your body. A hard, rough and uneven surface can give you muscle and joint pains in the hands and arm areas.

It is also important to never disregard doing stretches and warm-ups before doing heavy workouts and exercises since these prepares your body’s muscles to the activity that it will undertake. You should also do stretches on specific muscles that you are working out on to avoid having muscle strains after your workouts. Stretches and warm-ups are very crucial for anyone who will be doing workouts and exercises since skipping this step will only result to muscle “pulling”, injuries, strains and pains.


Individuals who would like to have a healthy mind and body do workouts and exercises to ensure that their body’s health is preserved. The Tabata workout regimen can be a great way to loose unwanted fats, build and strengthen muscles, and have a healthier body in a fast and easy way. Anyone can do Tabata even if they have no prior experience in doing workouts. With the right amount of determination and perseverance, one can follow the Tabata method to have a great mind and body.

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The Tabata Workout

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