ProGear 120Xi Training Cycle Review

ProGear 120Xi Training Cycle Review

Keeping your body fit through exercises and workouts is the best way to avoid many conditions and illnesses besides making it flexible and good shape. Bicycle cycling is one of the highly recommended workout for this since it also targets cardiovascular fitness. ProGear 120Xi Training Cycle Bike is one of the best machine that you can go for, to avoid regular road cycling.

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ProGear 120Xi Training Cycle Review

Key Features: This is an indoor cycling bike by ProGear suitable for ensuring proper cardiovascular fitness workouts. It is designed with features that makes it even more superior to the ordinary bike in ensuring a healthy fit and flexible body functioning. As usual, you will always get your best out of increasing the pedaling pace. For this to happen, you need a comfortable grip handle and this has been taken care of on the device. The soft foam covered handle bars are adjustable either up or down through 3 different locking positions depending with the height that you prefer. Remember that the seat is also adjustable though you are recommended to operate at the height of 5'1'' to 6'5''.

The bike has an extra wide frame that is essential for stability, which is always a requirement when you want to attain rich quality cycles. Fitted with a solid 3 piece crank system that has a chain drive for double pedaling. Amazingly, it also has a top down emergency brakes for instant stopping of the cycling. The chain drive and aluminum alloy pedal whose both sides are usable is designed with Toe Cages making them suitable for more forward leg thrust.

The transport wheel system is designed to have cast iron flywheel and a chrome wheel that is very smooth and consistent when pedaling. This makes you not to get exhausted easily and you can cycle for a longer period of time until you attain your best. For convenience and comfort the bike has an adjustable cushioned seat. You can however move it up and down, forward and backward depending on where you find comfortable.

While pedaling you will always become thirsty and it is recommended you drink water. ProGear 120Xi has a water bottle holder and you can enjoy drinking water without getting off the bike or interrupting your session. This bike is also made with floor stabilizers that are applicable to most surfaces. Once you purchase you will need to assemble it. Therefore go for ProGear 120Xi Training Cycle Bike and you will enjoy your workouts.

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