ProForm Vibe FX Vibration Machine Review

ProForm Vibe FX Vibration Machine Review

Shopping for a fitness item can be difficult at times because you want the product meet all your requirements but when it does, its price turns out to be out of your budget. ProForm Vibe FX vibration machine is not the cheapest but an averagely priced machine with lots of great features on it. This machine is designed with highest standards of quality and ergonomics in mind. It is meant for home users rather than for fitness centers and gymnasiums.

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ProForm Vibe FX Vibration Machine Review

Key Features: This machine has a big vibrating platform so you have a lot of space to put your feet in different positions on it during the workouts. The handlebars provide you further support and safety and are located at just the right height. The console is located right in the middle of the handlebars and in front of you. The console is easy to read and allows users to control it so they can change the speeds and time of their vibration manually.

There are 7 different time and vibration settings that can be easily seen on the console. The maximum number of vibrations you can reach with this machine in 1 second is 50. The time settings start from 30 and increase with intervals of 15 seconds. If you want to take benefit of the machine with professional workouts, you can enjoy the 4 pre-installed workouts on the machine. The programs already installed on the machine are meant to work on your entire body, lower and upper body or the abdominal area.

There is a halt of 20 seconds in the vibration of the machine when you are doing the pre-installed workouts so you can rest in between the different levels of the workout. You can control the settings yourself by using the buttons on the console. This is the manual mode and with simple touch you are able to change the time and vibration rate of the platform. The machine holds its ground firmly so you will never feel it rocking.

You will require at least 2 people in order to assemble this machine. The total user weight capacity the machine can hold at any given time is 250lbs. This is a perfect vibrating machine for those who don’t have enough space in the house to accommodate a big one. There is a 90-day warranty on the machine for the peace of your mind. Go ahead and get one ProForm Vibe FX for yourself if you want a good and reliable vibrating machine.

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