ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

The ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill is one of the most highly rated workout machines available in the market as it offers a range of workout programs to generate effective movement in various body muscles of the user for sculpting the body and assisting in achieving weight loss goals effectively. It comes with exceptional features like digital controls, various incline levels, heart rate monitor, cushioning, etc., to provide an ultimate workout experience to the users. The treadmill contains a potent motor that delivers longest and most powerful drive, which is ideal for heavier individuals or competitive runners who want to exercise at home for building cardiovascular endurance and burning calories effectively.

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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

Key Features: The treadmill contains a 3.25 Mach Z motor that generates a great amount of power to deliver the longest and most powerful drive possible. The noise of the motor during operation is relatively low as compared to other treadmills. The oversized 8-inch display available on the console of the treadmill is easy to read with a large viewing angle and indicates the workout time, speed, distance covered, calories burned and pulse of the user. The 24 built-in workouts keep the user motivated towards their goal and keep the workout exciting. Users can choose 6 Speed Workouts, 6 Incline Workouts, 6 Calorie-burn Workouts and 6 Intensity Workouts from the 24 preset workout programs available on the display screen.

It includes FS2 Full Surface Suspension Cushioning, which reduces the impact on the joint of the user and provides a powerful toe-off to minimize the chances of an injury. It comes with Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor with Polar Chest Strap that signals the heart rate of the user during workout and indicates it through the display screen while exercising. The treadmill’s 3-inch Precision Machined and balanced Non-Flex Rear Roller reduce the heat and deterioration on the tread belt which helps in increasing the life of the treadmill.

The ProForm Pro 2000 has a patented, revolutionary design that allows users to fold the machine vertically with just an easy push for convenient storage. The treadmill comes with an Intermix Acoustic 3.0 Sound System along with a compatible music port so that users can enjoy music with crisp and rich sound during their workout. The AutoBreeze 8-inch fan with three speed settings keeps the workout performer cool. The exercise machine offers iFit Live technology as well, which is powered by Google Maps to offer users virtual tracks from around the world for training ever harder while competing with other people using the same fitness app.

Overall, the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill is a top-rated workout machine that offers a lot of great features, a variety of workouts and a handy console for providing the best workout solution to the home users. It comes with a lifetime frame and motor warranty, 5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty as well. It weighs about 300 pounds and it is 73-inch long and 29-inch wide.

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