Precor 223 Energy Series Treadmill Review

Best Precor 223 Energy Series Treadmill Review

There are always cheap and expensive options for everything when you go to market. The case with fitness equipment is the same. You can find hundreds of treadmills that cost you lower than $400. The manual ones can be as cheap as $150 or a little more. Then there are some expensive options like the Precor 223 Energy Series treadmill. However, the value of this treadmill against its price could only be understood when you have a closer look at this treadmill.

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Best Precor 223 Reviews

Key Features: This treadmill is a fine piece of equipment running with a powerful 3CHP (continuous horse power) motor. This treadmill boasts the Energy Stride technology to keep your joints and the entire body at peace when you are running on it. The deck cushioning ensures that you don’t feel pain in your joints no matter how regularly and for how long you work out every day. It offers you a great speed range for casual jogging to athletic running speeds with 0.5MPH to 12MPH speed options. You can make your workouts even more challenging with the 15% incline option.

The high contrast console on it is a 5-inch display giving you information on time, calories burned, speed, heart rate, distance covered and the program you have chosen. There are 10 preset workouts with automatic warmup and cool down sessions. You can store the data for 2 IDs on this console. The huge running surface with a belt size of 20-inch x 57-inch keeps you away from hazards. The console gives you the heart rate reading not only with the touch sensors but with the help of wireless monitoring too.

The most amazing part about this treadmill is that it has a 100% no-maintenance design. In simple words, you don’t have to get any regular maintenance done on this machine. It has two expansive storage compartments on both sides of the console. Furthermore, there is a reading rack for readers and tablet and smartphone holder for those who want to use them while working out. There is also a headphone jack for you to hear your favorite music as you stroll on its rigid and firm deck.

A little downside of this Precor 223 is its length of 81-inch, which is quite big for home users and it doesn’t fold too. However, there are transport wheels to move it to any room easily. Warranty options on this treadmill are most amazing. You get a lifetime warranty on its frame and welds. You could also stop worrying about parts and wearing and tearing for 5 years. The console is also backed by a 3-year warranty and there is a 1-year labor warranty too.

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