PlayStation 3 Move Bundle Review

PlayStation 3 Move Bundle Review

The PlayStation 3 Move Bundle is the result of several upgrades to the PlayStation 3 over the years since its release. The bundle consists of a PS3 slim full HD console, capable of playing Blu-Ray movies with 1080p resolution and 128-bit pixel clarity. It has built-in Wi-Fi to enable free access to the online PlayStation Network. Online gaming, downloading games and streaming movies from NetFlix is possible with this single 320GB console. Included with the console is a DualShock 3 wireless controller, the PlayStation Move package and the Sports Champions game for Move.

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The upgraded PS3 Move uses the controller with the PlayStation Eye Camera to track and record movements more accurately than any other sensor controller in the market. It constantly tracks the velocity, angle, and position of the controller. The PlayStation Move is often accused of copying the Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii, so you need a closer look to decide whether it can be compared to the other two or not.

Key Specs:
Size: 11.4 x 11.4 x 2.6 inches
Online Gaming: PlayStation Network
Graphics: 1080p
Storage Space: 320GB

PlayStation 3 Move Bundle: The Pros

Powerful Machine: This model of the PS3 features a new and improved processer with several features to enhance performance and speed. The 320GB hard drive eliminates the need for a memory card in order to save games, and you can download content directly from the PlayStation Network through the built-in Wi-Fi. It supports full HD video, Blu-Ray movies as well as 3D gaming. The DualShock 3 wireless controller is also an upgrade compared to older versions, and motion sensing is improved due to the extra sensitive pressure sensors in the action buttons. This allows more accuracy in gameplay and controls. The controller can be charged with a USB cable.

Accuracy: The motion detection system for the PlayStation 3 Move is more like Wii instead of the Kinect, which uses a different technology. However, the games that can be played on the Move are similar to the Kinect gaming style and game titles. The overall performance of PS Move is better than both because of the improved motion sensor and accurate controller.

The Move reads movements far more precisely than the Wii, since controller movements are tracked in 3D. Precision games are more fun and accurate owing to the perfect tracking of the controller by the PlayStation Eye Camera. Although this also applies to the Kinect, if you need a console solely for fitness games and full body workouts, the Kinect is a better choice for accurate full body movement readings.

Blu-ray Player: Blu-ray players are expensive to buy, and having it in your gaming console is a convenient feature. The PlayStation 3 supports other formats such as CD-RW and DVD too, but the future definitely belongs to Blu-Ray. The audio and video quality you can get from Blu-Ray discs is amazing, since they are capable of storing 6 times more data compared to normal DVDs. You will appreciate having a Blu-Ray player in your console more and more as it is becoming mainstream.

PlayStation 3 Move Bundle: The Cons

Only One Controller: The PlayStation Move attracts many people who enjoy playing together on the console with the multiplayer feature, but the inclusion of only one Move controller and one standard controller in the Move bundle is disappointing. For someone investing more than $300 on the gaming console bundle purchase, it is expected that there should be a pair of controllers, especially for something that promotes the multiplayer capability. Although there is quite value found in this package, the ability to play with friends or family should have been accommodated with an extra Move controller.

Sports Champions: The game title that comes in the PS3 Move bundle is great for initial fitness training, but the included games are less fulfilling than they should have been. It is good as an introductory game, but does not have much to offer beyond that. Players can quickly learn all the styles featured in Sports Champion, but they won’t be spending much time playing it subsequently. This bundle would be a better deal if it included one or two more games that can challenge and keep you engaged for some time at least, until you consider which other games you want to get.

Is the PlayStation 3 Move Bundle Worth Buying?

Despite the faults, the PlayStation 3 Move Bundle is a fantastic deal. The console itself is a technically powerful machine that has a lot more than just great gameplay to offer. Contrary to the Xbox Live Market, free access to the PlayStation Network enables unlimited online gaming with players from around the globe and content downloads.

The Kinect is better for fitness and home exercise gaming, but the PlayStation Move is technologically more advanced and accurate. It is a good idea to spend some extra money for another wireless controller and a Move controller, because you will definitely enjoy sharing the experience with a friend. All in all, the PlayStation 3 Move Bundle is a good value purchase and will not disappoint hardcore gamers who want to enjoy a high quality gaming experience and a wide range of game titles.

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