Pilates for Pregnant Women: Is it Safe?

Many have asked this question and the answer still remains unchanged – yes. In fact, Pilates can be tailored to for pregnant women by targeting important foundation muscles in areas like the pelvic floor, stomach and the back.

Back – pregnancy is one of the number one causes of back pain among women. By strengthening the upper and lower back muscles, you can reduce the strain from carrying an extra weight in the body. It is very ideal to do this during the early stages in order to build more strength by the time the weight reaches its maximum.

Pelvic Floor – this area is responsible for supporting the weight of your bladder, bowels and most especially the uterus. Having a strong pelvis reduces the chances of involuntary urine leakages and miscarriage.

Stomach – since the size of the baby inside forces the tissues and ligaments in the stomach to be more pliable, injuries are very common. Strengthening your muscles around the stomach makes carrying the weight more secure and make the skin firmer. If your baby shifts inside, you will have more control of the movement and avoid losing balance and fall down.

Benefits of Doing Pilates during Pregnancy

• Once you strengthen all the above mentioned muscles, you ensure a more safety pregnancy and delivery. It is much easier to handle as well for the carrying mother.
• Being physically fit through the Pilates program will allow you to breathe more efficiently that is very important during the actual labor.
• Due to the positions involved in the exercise, the baby inside can be shifted little by little keeping it in place even if he tries to shift a lot during your non-exercise days.

Choosing a studio for your practice depends on how comfortable you are with working with other people. If you are too shy to join a regular class, look for a specialized one for pregnancies. This also makes sure that your instructor is professionally trained and experienced in handling women who are pregnant.

If you have not started yet and are planning on getting pregnant soon, make sure that you start now so you can make significant progress by the time your stomach starts bulging. Use a regular program for the preparation then switch to a pregnancy program once you confirm that you are carrying a baby.

After the pregnancy, you can still continue to do Pilates. In fact, this will be helpful in getting your pre-baby figure back. It might take more time since the muscles have loosened in the abdomen area but it will be back to normal as long as you continue the routine diligently.

Keep in mind that before you start any exercise program, get advice from a physician about your condition and if you can handle the stress; most especially since you are now responsible of two lives.

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