Mad Dogg Spinner Sprint Review

Mad Dogg Spinner Sprint Review

If you want to have a spinning bike at home with solid features and construction, you must have a look at Spinner Sprint premium authentic indoor cycle. This bike has been made with solid materials and the features are great on it. You can’t call it a cheap package but when something is made to last for years and decades, price becomes a secondary criterion for picking up a product. Let’s see what the main features on this spinning bike are.

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Mad Dogg Spinner Sprint Review

Key Features: First thing that needs mentioning is the construction of this bike. It has been made just like a commercial bike with solid materials and the manufacturers claim that it is made to last. What gives it smooth and fluid operation is the heavy flywheel on it. The flywheel weighs 43lbs so transition between fast and low speeds is smooth. The red resistance knob is located close to the handlebars so you can change resistance levels as you work out. This same knob also serves as the braking system of the bike and can be used by pushing down.

The big pedals on the bike have straps that can be tied to the feet to avoid any slipping hazards. The height of the handlebars can be adjusted to accommodate people with different heights. The handlebars are fixed but fully padded for the comfort of users. The height of the handlebars can be adjusted with the help of a lever for ease of use. To meet the top ergonomic standards the handlebars have been kept at 5 degrees from a horizontal floor.

To ensure that tall, short and people of all different heights can easily use the bike the saddle has been designed to adjust in both directions: back and forth, and up and down. The middle section of the bike also contains a metal bottle holder to keep your liquids close to you during workouts. The bike also has 4 synthetic feet to keep the bike fixed to the ground and avoid any rocking when you are using it. The seat size is amply big and the saddle is padded for comfort.

The chain drive system on the bike keeps it quiet. In addition to that, there are transport wheels attached to the front to make mobility possible on this bike. Lastly, the bonus is there when you purchase this bike. It comes with a set of 4 DVDs with each DVD focusing on a different set of exercises to tone up, increase stamina, lose weight etc.

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