LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Review

LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Review

The LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is an exercise bike that has all the features that can help in making it as one of the most popular exercising machines you might find in an exercising equipment shop or gym. This exercise bike is extremely well in helping you with burning off the extra calories, plus it is also great in helping you improve your health in general. Anyone who uses the LifeCORE Fitness Assault Bike will definitely find it to be a smooth yet at the same time a very intense form of workout

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LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Review

Key Features: The design that this exercise bike has to offer its customers is a very effective and very efficient cardio platform, and therefore, it has become a very popular option for many exercise bike owners. It is known to be a very smooth but extremely effective way to exercise because the ball bearings are all placed in all the strategic parts of the bike thus helping in preventing any kind of problems that other bikes may run into while exercising on it.

The air resistance that the assaultbike has to offer its users allows them to experience almost unlimited levels of resistance. Thus, it lets the users ride the bike as hard as they prefer and whenever they prefer. But it should always be kept in mind that if you do push yourself too hard to cross the boundaries of your comfort, it would lead to no or very little progress. Plus, this is only a certain degree of its stability due to its 25 inches steel fan. Its many different design features allow its users to reposition themselves onto the seat. This feature is quite useful due to the differences between the lengths of the arms of legs, thus helping with catering to the masses.

One of the best features that it offers is the different computer setting that really helps the users in motivating themselves to exercise much harder to reach their targeted goal. The computer display helps the users in knowing how many calories they have burned while exercising with it, how much distance they have covered while using it and for how long have they been exercising. At the same time, users will also have the chance to choose from the different kinds of workouts that can be more effective, motivational and shows great results in the end.

Like many other great exercising bikes, the LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike does come with a lot of different features which at the same time might not seem too rich but still it has plenty of value in it. Overall, this exercise bike is perfect for those users who prefer something that won’t take up the whole room, would run quite smoothly without any kinds of problems and would be very easy to setup. Even though its training features might be outmatched in many areas, it is still a great bike for helping in reducing the weight.

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