Kettler Coach M Rower Review

Kettler Coach M Rower Review

One of the most renowned brands in the fitness market is that of Kettler-Coach. Majority of their products are manufactured on their plant in Germany and shipped to various countries over the world. The company also makes rowing machines, which are extremely popular nowadays because of their exceptional features and affordable price tag. The Kettler Coach M is an excellent example of a mid-priced rowing machine that’s loaded with fantastic features and was launched in the market in 2010.

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Kettler Coach M Rower Review

Key Features: It is designed to help its users in burning off the extra weight and building up their strength. It is certainly not the most expensive model available in the market as it’s priced at below $1000, which is more than reasonable, especially considering the horde of features offered in this machine by Kettler Coach. The machine has a modern look with a powder-coated and strong frame that gives the rowing machine its sturdiness. This frame gives the machine its durability and ensures that it is long lasting.

The machine has also been built in a way to save space. It is possible to store the rowing machine upright so it can be kept in a corner when not in use. The assembly guide is also simple to follow. At the front, the LCD monitor dominates and is easy to read while rowing. Key performance tactics are displayed on it that can be noted down by the user for keeping track of their progress. The pulse, distance, stroke speed and time taken are all shown. Ten magnetic resistance levels can also be found in this rowing machine.

Users have the option of working through the different levels of tension and develop their strength in this way. A steady and smooth workout can be enjoyed with the flywheel that weighs 6 kg and provides the stability needed for an effective workout. The machine has been built to mimic the feeling of rowing in water and it brings a touch of realism with the different levels of currents.

Numerous training options can be explored with the Kettler Coach M rower such as seated curls, standing squat and standard rows. Each of them focuses on different muscle groups, allowing people to have a full body workout. There is a three year warranty available for parts while a lifetime warranty given for the frame. The design is great, machine is durable and price is reasonable; that’s all we could ask for.

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