Kettlebell Workouts Versus HIIT

KETTLEBELL WORKOUTS VS HIITHigh Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fitness strategy that involves alternating between high and low intensities during the course of your workout.

This style of fitness training has gradually become more popular among every type of fitness enthusiast in any age group, because of the high amount of calories burned and the overall effects HIIT has on the body.

You can achieve a more toned body with less fat and more lean muscle mass with high fat burning, boosted resting metabolic rate and, increased production of testosterone and growth hormones.

Kettlebells and interval training can actually work well together to help you gain the desired results, as both are among the best ways to lose weight fast. The effectiveness of these workouts depends on your method of following a fitness plan.

You can do a complete HIIT session with kettlebells, since they can be easily moved and offer versatility. With a 1:1 ratio of low to high intensity, you can do a set of swings for 30 second and rest for the next 30 seconds. Continue this alternating pattern for 30 minutes.

You can work with a variety of combinations according to your level of fitness and how much training you have done. When you have reached a more advanced level and increased your stamina, you can try working out with a work-to-rest ratio of 2:1.

Another option is to use kettlebells for resistance training in order to gain strength. This can be achieved by performing, for instance, 5 reps of double presses with about 60 seconds of rest between 5 sets. It is not essential to include kettlebells in HIIT exercise and it can also be done without them. Marathon runners include intervals while training to increase anaerobic stamina, so that they are better able to sprint to the finish line or run up hills without feeling breathless.

Runners do not rest completely after high intensity training like you would after using kettlebells. They alternate speedy running with light jogging or brisk walking intervals.

HIIT workouts can also consist of multiple exercises, with kettlebells being one of them. Each exercise would work as the high intensity part, and you can decide how the low intensity intervals should be, depending on your fitness level.

A workout could include running, burpees, swings, rope jumping, combat ropes and snatches, each lasting 30 to 60 seconds, with rest intervals of the same duration or less.

One strategy you can apply is to divide the exercises into high intensity intervals in such a way that each one targets a different part of the body. For example, you can perform kettlebell presses immediately followed by 30 seconds of rope jumping, then a set of squats with kettlebells, with medicine ball slams after that.

This will keep your heart rate up and you will exhaust one muscle group at a time. This type of training needs lots of strength and endurance building, as well as mental strength, before you can perform it with ease.

Whether you use kettlebells or not, HIIT workouts are relatively simple to understand. Choose which exercises you want to go with and decide what work-to-rest ratio is feasible for you.

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