Kettlebell Workouts Versus CrossFit

There is such an abundance of fitness regimens and workouts available that any newbie who wants to start an exercise plan ends up getting confused and discouraged. Most are left wondering where to begin and which workout program to choose.

Here is a comparison between two of the more popular exercise plans to study their similarities and differences.Kettlebell Workout vs Crossfit

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a form of high volume-high intensity training. High intensity workouts are widely believed to be a great approach in order to burn fat and achieve speedy weight loss. Unfortunately there is also a negative side to this.

There have been concerns regarding the need to do multiple reps in a minimum amount of time with the fast-paced CrossFit plan. The truth is, this workout is not appropriate for beginners and you need to gradually build up your strength to reach that level of fitness. In fact, even if you are strong and in good form, it is better to take breaks and rest if you are exhausted instead of continuing to overtax your body.

Kettlebells Versus CrossFit

Kettlebells are great as an exercise tool on their own and they are also used in some CrossFit exercises, so they cannot exactly be compared as equals. However, kettlebells are only effective when used with proper form, otherwise they are unable to produce results just like any other fitness equipment used inappropriately.

You need to be patient and learn the right methods of using exercise tools or there are risks of injury. Hours of practice are the only way to achieve maximum benefits from kettlebells, whether you are working only with kettlebells or using them in CrossFit.

CrossFit and kettlbell workouts can both be either effective or useless; it all depends on how you exercise.

Working Multiple Muscle Groups And Burning Calories

CrossFit and kettlebell workouts are both designed as total body workouts that can be performed in a short amount of time. Crossfit classes are usually only about 20 minutes long.

Both fitness regimens are followed to increase muscular endurance, strength and cardiovascular health by working all the muscle groups in your body. They also help burn high amounts of calories.

These workouts also induce an anaerobic state, where you start hyperventilating. In this oxygen-less state you boost your resting metabolism and burn stored carbs as fuel.

When you exercise anaerobically during interval training, your metabolism gets a mega boost and the effects can last 24 to 36 hours after you are done working out. It is a great way to achieve fast weight loss by burning calories even when resting.

Workout Space

Kettlebells have the upper hand as far as portability and space-saving is concerned. You only need a couple of kettlebells and just enough space to swing them. However, CrossFit involves using many fitness tools such as barbells, weight plates, pull-up bars, rings and boxes. You also need to move around from one exercise station to the next.

To decide which of the two workouts is better for you, always give preference to movement rather than load. You are not ready for CrossFit and kettlebells if you are unable to go through a full range of motion while carrying even light weights.

Start by learning the basics and gradually move on to more advanced levels. It is highly recommended to get the guidance of trainers to have a safe and beneficial workout plan.

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