Insanity 60 Day 13 DVD Workout Review

Insanity 60 Day 13 DVD Workout Review

This INSANITY DVD Exercise Workout is a fitness program recorded on a DVD and it is being headed by personal trainer Shaun T. This program is referred to as “Insanity” and this is because it will make health conscious people push their limits with its 10 discs for workout. These discs are all about plyometric drills which are on top of the non stop intervals of strength, power, ab, resistance, and training moves core. The program is hard but it is worth it. Besides its 10 discs, it includes 3 more items such as a nutrition plan, a fitness guide and a workout calendar.

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Insanity 60 Day 13 DVD Workout Review

Key Features: INSANITY DVD Exercise Workout is inspired by the Max Interval Training and it is the one that is making the program mind blowing. The traditional of Shaun requires long hours of intense exercise and short time will be spent for rest. The work is challenging for it keeps people challenged when alternating the anaerobic and aerobic exercises. This can actually burn their calories of up to 1,000, so making them get that most insane body in just an hour. Each disc has a specific workout; first disc is about the dig deeper fit test and it is for 30 minutes long. It is teaching them to test the body. Next disc is about the plyometric cardio circuit and this helps them burn fat and sweat.

The other discs are about strength power and moves, non stop cardio workouts, core cardio balance, leg exercise, etc. The fitness program does stop there for it has good things included in every purchase of the discs. It will includes a nutrition plan that will make workouts more intense, a fitness guide which will give information about the workouts, a workout calendar which will help them set goals for the workout, track the progress, and will be helpful in keeping the motivated. There will also be free online support tools.

Moreover, the discs include the success stories of those people who managed to burn fats and loose that extra weight. The program costs about $145 but it is worth it for it is making lots of people become physically fit. They can get ideas about this in the success stories included in each DVD. Also, each disc shows show Shaun make used of equipment to make the workout more effective.

INSANITY DVD Exercise Workout maybe a hard workout but does work well. The 10 discs will help people become fit physically. They can make people insane for an hour but this will have a good effect on them.

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