Important Tips Before Buying A Rower As A Gift

Rowing machines have made their way into homes and people are now very interested in buying these machines to do some unique and effective cardiovascular exercises at home. Rowing machines have evolved with time and their technologies have been changing to make them effective as well as to bring them closer to the real feel of rowing. When you are buying a rower as a gift for someone there are things that you must not forget to question before dishing out the money for your item. When you are giving such equipment as a gift you have to be extra careful about quality and reliability.

Here are some important pointers and tips that would help you in buying a rower as a gift for your loved one.


There are different rowing machines with different mechanisms in them. The four major types that you have to choose from include the air resistance, piston resistance, water resistance and magnetic resistance rowing machines. Each type and mechanism has its own pros and cons. It really depends on your choice and the feel that you like the most. The best is that you try out all of them and figure out which ones makes you feel most comfortable. Go for what’s comfortable for your body, not what looks cooler. Also, magnetic resistance can be expensive and air resistance is often suitable for most of the people.

Space And Mobility

For a rowing machine space and mobility are of utmost importance since they tend to occupy a lot of space. Look for a rowing machine that occupies less space or at least can be separated into 2 parts for easy storage after the use. Caster or transport wheels are extremely important in order to move the machine from one place to another and without these wheels mobility can be a big hassle. Rowers that can be separated in two parts and stored in an upright position are the best.

Solid Construction

Rowers are higher from the ground and the area where your seat moves on a monorail needs to be very sturdy. Make sure you choose a machine made of strong materials. Aluminum and stainless steel are the most preferred materials that you would like to see in your rower. When looking for what materials the rower is made of when buying a rowing machine as a gift, always examine the support legs, monorail and the chain.

Position And Footing

You can’t imagine sitting in a wrong position while rowing; this could give you back pain and lot of other problems. Look for a design that has its footing at the right position along with the pulling handle. You don’t want to be in an uncomfortable position right from the beginning. The footrests should be big to accommodate different shoe sizes. The best move here is to look for adjustable footrests.

Performance Monitor

The performance monitor should be located at a position that makes it easy for you to read it out while rowing. It should give you detailed information about your pulse, heart rate, calorie burning etc. There are machines with performance monitors that are charged as the rower is operated.


You can’t compromise on the type of seating and its design when rowing. You will be moving your entire body while sitting on this seat and so it needs to be comfortable, cushioned and big enough to keep you comfortable throughout your exercise sessions.

Height Of The Rower

Always be extra careful about height when you are buying a rower as a present. Height matters a lot because different people like to sit in different positions. Some people are not very comfortable in bending their knees too much. If you are gifting the rower to a person who uses wheelchair at times, you would want to buy a rower that’s slightly higher from the ground. A 20-inch height is perfect in this scenario since it is like the height of a chair.

Material Of The Chain

Material of the chain is also very important because it has to endure a lot of tension as you work out. Nickel plated chains are highly recommended since they need less frequent maintenance too. Go for fully enclosed housing for more security.

User Weight Capacity

While buying a rower as a gift you must remember the weight of the person you are giving it to. There are some great rowing machines under $1000 with a user weight capacity of around 500 pounds.


Never forget to look at the warranty information when buying a rowing machine or any other piece of exercise equipment. These machines and equipments take a lot of beating and thus should be backed by long warranties. A 5-year to 10-year warranty is a good bargain when buying a rower.

Based on the mechanism of the rower the prices will fluctuate too. However, it is best that you look for comfort, longevity and performance of a rower rather than focusing on its price. The person you are gifting the machine to would be more concerned with how he/she feels when rowing on the rower than to think about the price of the equipment.

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