How Proper Breathing Makes a Difference in Pilates Programs?

One of the guiding principles but usually ignored by many is the proper breathing patterns used in doing Pilates. If you want to get the best out of the program, it is essential that you perform it according to the principles.

When you do aerobic exercises like running or swimming, breathing properly and supplying enough oxygen to your lungs will enable you to continue performing in top form. Once you lose your breath for a second you slow down in running. Losing a breath in swimming is even worse since you need the oxygen underwater. During the entire process, there will be a lot of carbohydrates burned in the body and develop into lean muscle mass.

Recently, a study conducted by the University of Mexico showed results suggesting the importance of breathing techniques in anaerobic exercises as well. Under this category are Pilates, yoga, tai-chi and many other less intense programs.

Here’s what actually happens inside your body when you perform an exercise. There is a part in your brain that controls your respiratory system using millions of automatic signals sent to the brain each day telling it to activate your breathing function. This is the basic cycle no matter what you do or how physically active you are at the moment.

The results from the study led researchers to find out that during an exercise, there is more awareness in the brain about the carbon dioxide and lactic acid increase each time you move your muscles. The brain then sends a nerve signal to the respiratory system to breathe deeper and faster to keep up with the increase.

The oxygen you inhale is used to get rid of the large amounts of carbon dioxide through displacement. Since the same gas is also responsible for the formation of lactic acid, the amounts for the acid decrease as well once the carbon dioxide is maintained at normal levels. The release of this gas is the theory behind why you huff and puff when you are doing intense exercise.

Although the discovery of the significance of breathing in physical activities is fairly new, the maker of Pilates Joseph Pilates was aware of such importance and wrote it in his famous work “Return to Life” an exclusive section about the significance of breathing for Pilates exercises. In his work, he passionately referred to breathing as a “bodily house cleaning with blood circulation”. It was highly recommended that inhaling and exhaling should be complete and deep.

Once you start doing the program whether at home, in a studio or at school, pay attention to your breathing. Correct it as many times until you get the right process. This won’t only give you maximum productivity but also make the exercise easier to perform.

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