How Fitness Can Affect Your Life?

Getting fit benefits you both physically and mentally. We’ll first look at the nature of exercising that can benefit you. Then we’ll see how exercising affects you physically and mentally.

According to the American Heart Association, a daily 30-minute moderate activity can help you a lot. However, it is not necessary to perform 30 minutes at one go. In fact, many people don’t feel interested as they think they have to exercise for at least 30 minutes at a stretch which they can’t manage in their hectic lifestyle.

If you really can’t manage a 30-minute block for exercising, you are free to break it into 3 blocks of 10-minute exercise. The interesting thing is some people find it more beneficial. Do you think you can’t manage such a small chuck of time?

Moreover, it is not obligatory to go to a gym for your workout. You can choose to walk briskly for 300 minutes and gain benefits. If you’re doing it outdoors in the sun, you’re also getting vitamin D.

Exercising Impacts Mental Wellness

Exercising is directly related to the alleviation of some negative mental feelings such as anxiety, anger, tension, stress and depression. The feel-good chemical “endorphin” is released during exercising and so it can help your mental status without any medication. While exercising your heart pumps more and so your body gets more oxygen. Some of the additional oxygen can be used by your brain to improve your mental activity.

There are many more mental benefits such as:
• Enhanced optimism
• Added enthusiasm
• Better self-image
• Helps stop smoking

Exercising Impacts Physical Wellness

Exercising enhances your immune system thus helping you fight diseases. You are less likely to have heart disease and cancer. It does almost the same thing to your blood pressure as many drugs do with hypertension. You may reduce your blood pressure by 4 to 9 points. You may feel amazed at hearing the fact that one hour of exercise adds two hours of additional life. So it’s never late to start exercising and live longer.

Look at the following list to find the proven benefits you have from just 30 minutes of brisk walking on a daily basis:
• Weight loss
• Improved muscle strength
• Prevention of bone loss
• Stroke risk reduced by 20%
• Better HDL-to-LDL cholesterol ratio
• Coronary heart disease in women reduced by 30 – 40%
• Prevention of or delay in chronic degenerative illnesses and diseases
• Better sleep

These benefits are just a few to get motivation from. This article could have been much longer with the details of many more benefits. So, start using your walking shoes now!

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