How Do You Know If You’re Unfit?

Based on the results of certain tests that can be taken, you can find out whether you are fit or unfit. These tests include:
• Cardiovascular Strength
• Heart Recovery Rate
• Body Mass Index
• Resting Heart Rate

#1 Cardiovascular Strength

You can gauge how fit your heart and lungs are with this simple test. If you can climb three flights of stairs while holding a conversation, you are fit. But if you start perspiring and have to stop in the middle to catch your breath, you are unfit.

#2 Heart Recovery Rate

With this simple measurement you can get an indication of how long it takes for your heart rate to be normal again after working out. First check your heart rate just before the end of your workout. After you have rested for one minute, check it again. It should be lower by 20 beats or more (per minute) compared to your first result. The decrease in heart rate should continue at the same rate per minute until it is back to your normal heart rate. If it is taking more time to slow down, it is an indication of an unfit body.

#3 Body Mass Index (BMI)

The ratio of body weight to height is called BMI. The number calculated using this formula can then be measured against an ideal BMI to determine whether you are fit or unfit.

The standard BMI that indicates a normal weight ranges between 18.5 and 24.9. A BMI less than 18.5 means you are underweight while if it is more than 24.9 then you are overweight. A BMI over 30 means you’re obese. However, BMI is just one indicator, and there are other ways to determine fitness as well.

#4 Resting Heart Rate

The normal resting heart rate for fit people lies in the low-to-mid range of 70 beats a minute. However, since unfit bodies have to work harder compared to a fit one, unfit individuals tend to have a higher heart rate, which could be anything higher than 75 beats per minute.

There are many more tests you can take to measure your fitness level in addition to these four. Remember that each test just gives you an indication of how fit you are, so you cannot be deemed unfit on the basis of just one test. However, if you fail more than two, it may be a good time to visit your physician and have some more detailed tests taken to get a better idea of your health and fitness level. A professional can then draw up a suitable exercise and diet plan to improve your condition if you are unfit.

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