Here’s Why Exercise Makes You Feel Happy

You must have wondered why you feel almost ecstatic after some working out. Your self-esteem and positive energy flows in a better way. You may have jogged a long distance, still you feel good. Your body starts to smile at you. You find everything smiling around you. So why do all these happen even when you are putting pressure on your body? There must be some secret behind it. If you understand the process of getting stringer and happier by doing some gruelling and strenuous workout, you will start enjoying exercising more.

In the past doctors were not able to explain logically how exercise makes people euphoric. Now they know how exercise helps people get rid of stress and anxiety and thereby promotes happy mood. During exercise your heart pushes blood stream through vessels fast so that every cell gets necessary oxygen. This nourishes your body and energises it also.

Oxygen is like natural fuel for your body and brain. Exercise supplies a lot of extra oxygen and so your body becomes stronger and more active. During exercise you have an increased heart rate and so oxygen is pumped to every nook and corner of your body.

Your body not only gets some extra oxygen but also receives endorphins from your brain. The happy chemical makes you feel good and it is needed when you are under stress. The chemical helps you get relief from boredom, pain, anxiety and stress whether physical or mental.

You may wonder how your brain recognizes that exercises will benefit your body. In fact, during and after the workouts, your brain releases happy hormone endorphin that you can also get by eating chocolate or having healthy sex. So your brain will ask you to repeat the process.

Your body easily understands that the physical stress it undergoes can help you well. Your muscles want to be stressed so that they train to be stronger. This is why your brain will tell your body to enjoy the process. While doing the exercises, you sweat and then you may feel drained out for some time. However, after some time your body starts to heal from within.

When you exercise, your muscles get stressed first; but then they get rejuvenated by being repaired and healed. As a result, you get stronger muscles. Your body gets the benefits of endorphin release. Eventually you feel more confident and happiness. All this may happen after you have done some yoga poses, jogged a mile or ridden your bike.

When your body is fit, your brain understands it and starts to live longer and healthier. This is why you need to spend time for dedicated exercise. Your efforts to bring about physical fitness will make you feel happier. You will never regret doing exercises.

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