Helix Lateral Trainer Review

Helix Lateral Trainer Review

The 2014 Helix lateral trainer light commercial is the best trainer available on the market. The Helix makes sure that all the latest technologies are used in perfecting the trainer. It is such an amazing lateral trainer that easily moves from side to side and not from the front to the back like the other normal trainers. The lateral trainer is the best trainer for golfers, skiers, tennis players and tri-athletes. With the Helix, you can be sure to get fit without any knee and hip injuries.

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Helix Lateral Trainer Review

Key Features: Because of the lateral training the Helix is providing, you can be sure that more muscles get the exercise that they need. You do not just get the workout for your back and front muscles of your legs, but more muscles get a workout. For example, your inner and outer thighs and butt. You also will be using your core more with the figure 8 motion of the trainer. Other trainers cannot do what the Helix is doing.

It is also an aerobic trainer that combines your strength training for your lower body with the cardio workout. The cardio workout is important to keep your heart fit and healthy. And the trainer does that all at the same time. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot less time to do your regular exercises. The Helix trainer assures far better results in less time. You will not just build muscle, but also burn fat.

The treadmill doctor comes with premium installation services. They will help you to assemble the Helix and give the basic tutorials. They make sure that you know how to use your Helix for the best results in the shortest amount of time. This service is worldwide available but not in Puerto Rico, Alaska and US Protectorates. Everywhere else in the world, you can be sure of great installation services.

The Helix lateral trainer model 2014 is the best trainer that you ever will need. With the aerobic workout and the cardio workout, you can be assured that you get a full body workout in half the time and will as little effort as possible. Nobody loves exercise, but with this 2014 Helix, you will start to love a workout. The Helix is recommended for all ages and fitness levels. You will not regret buying the Helix trainer or starting to exercise on the Helix.

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